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The Crusades

The Crusades to win back the Holy Land.

What 3 major religions is the Holy Land sacred to? Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Why is the Holy Land sacred to Christians? It was the place where Jesus was crucified and ascended to Heaven.
Why is the Holy Land sacred to Jews? It was/is the site of the ancient temple built by Solomon.
Why is the Holy Land sacred to Muslims? It was the place where Mohammed ascended to Heaven.
What year did the Arabs enter the city and take control? 600 A.D.
Could Christians and Jews still visit the Holy Land? Yes, the Arab Muslims allowed them to visit Jerusalem. They could even live in Palestine if they paid taxes like everyone else.
What was "The Problem?" Around 1095, a new group of Arabs took control. They were the Seljuk Turks, and they closed the city to other religious pilgrims.
What was "The Solution?" Pope Urban II called for a Crusade to go and win back the Holy Land.
What is a Crusade? A volunteer army.
Why did so many knights sign up for the Crusade? Because this was a chance to use their fighting skills, which was something they enjoyed and did well.
Why did so many peasants sign up for the Crusade? Because this was a chance to escape their dreary lives in the fedual system.
What did the pope promise the crusaders? That if they died in battle, they would automatically be welcomed into Heaven, no matter how much they had sinned.
What was the sign of the Crusade? The Red Cross- each crusader had a fabric red cross on their armor,making them appear to be a unified army.
What were some challenges the crusaders faced? Harsh traveling, hunger, disease, freezing weather, and quarrels amongst themselves.
What were the results of the 1st Crusade? After 2 years, they finally arrived in Jerusalem and battled for 2 months. They won back the city.
What happened a little less than 50 years after the Crusade? The Muslims took the city back, and the pope called for another Crusade.
When was the 2nd Crusade? 1147-1149
Was the 2nd Crusade successful? No, and neither was the 3rd.(1189-1192)
Explain the 4th Crusade. Lasted 1202-1204. The Crusaders attacked Constantinople and stole statues, money, paintings, etc. They destroyed churches and libraries.
What was the crusaders excuse for destroying Constantinople? That they needed money to protect Constantinople, who thought this was unacceptable, and hated the West.
What was The Children's Crusade? In the year 1212, thousands of French/German children died trying to reach Jerusalem.
Why did they use children for the Crusade? They believed that God would help them because they were children, and that the sea would part for them.
What happened to the children when this failed? They were sold into slavery.
What happened over the next 70 years? There were several more attempts, but these were more for personal gain than religious purposes. None succeeded.
What happened in the year 291? European leaders lost interest, but never admitted defeat. They just simply stopped asking for crusaders.
The Peasants Crusade 1096 April-October. To conquer the Holy Land.
The 1st Crusade 1096 - 1099. To conquer the Holy Land.
Years after 1st Crusade Knights Templar and Hospitallers created.
The 2nd Crusade 1145-1149 to recapture the Holy Land.
The 3rd Crusade 1189-1192 to recapture the Holy Land.
The 4th Crusade 1202-1204 to capture Constantinople.
The 5th Crusade 1217-1221 to establish secure base in Egypt.
The 6th Crusade 1228 to recapture Holy Land.
The 7th Crusade 1248 to 1254 recapture Holy Land.
The 8th Crusade 1270-1291 to convert Bay of Tunis to Christianity and to recapture Holy Land.
What modern day countries make up the Holy Land? Israel, Jordan, and Palestine.
Explain the origin of the word "Crusade" Comes from the latin word "crux" meaning "cross".
Who was Peter the Hermit? A small man who wore monks robes. He organized the People's Crusade.
Who was Saladin? A strong Arab Muslim leader who signed and negotiated a treaty with King Richard.
Who was King Richard? Of England, tried to persuade Saladin to return to the Holy Land.
What were the final results? Increased trade and new ideas involving medicine, mathematics and technology.
Created by: gracieks22
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