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MEDA 102

Chapt 10: Nervous system

cerebr/o largest part of brain
encephala/o entire brain
esthesi/o sensation
gangli/o ganglion (knot)
gnos/o knowing
somn/I and somn/o sleep
lex/o word or phrase
phas/o speech
somat/o body
tax/o order or coordination
thalam/o thalamus (a room)
-asthenia weakness
-mania condition of abnormal impulse toward
neuron basic structure of cells
synapses neurotransmitters
frontal lobe responsible for personality
temporal lobe responsible for hearing, taste, and smell
thalamus responsible for relaying sensory information to cortex
cerebellum responsible for coordination of skeletal muscles
brainstem responsible for breathing, heart rate, and body temperature
meninges membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord
spinal nerves 31 pairs of nerves arising from the spinal cord
motor nerves nerves that conduct motor impulses from the brain to muscles and glands
aphasia condition without speech/inability to speak
dysphasia difficulty speaking
coma decreased consciousness
delirium mental confusion due to disturbances in cerebral function - fever,shock
motor deficit loss or impairment of muscle function
neuralgia pain along the course of a nerve
hemiparesis partial paralysis of the right or left half of the body
syncope fainting
Alzheimer disease an irreversible deterioration of the brain
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig disease
cerebral palsy (CP) damage to the cerebrum during development or injury at birth
cerebrovascular accident (CVA) stroke; damage to the brain by a blocked blood vessel
transient ischemic attack (TIA) often precedes a CVA ; brief episode of loss of blood flow to the brain
epilepsy disorder affecting the central nervous system characterized by recurrent seizures
tonic-clonic previously termed grand mal seizure
herpes zoster also known as shingles; viral disease affecting the peripheral nerves
hydrocephalus the abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain
migraine headache often accompanied by disordered vision, nausea, and vomiting
multiple sclerosis (MS) episodes of neurologic dysfunction caused by the deterioration of the myelin sheath
Parkinson disease characterized by tremor, rigidity of muscles, and slow movement (bradykinesia)
paraplegia paralysis from the waist down
quadriplegia paralysis of all four limbs
poliomyelitis inflammation of the grey matter of the spinal cord
electroencephalogram (EEG) record of the minute electrical impulses of the brain
polysomnography (PSG) recording to diagnose sleep disorders
lumbar puncture (LP) used to obtain cerebrospinal fluid for diagnostic analysis
intracranial MRA MRI image of the head to visualize the circle of Willis
extracranial MRA MRI image of the neck to visualize the carotid artery
myelogram x-ray of the spinal cord made after intraspinal injection of contrast medium
Babinski sign or reflex pathologic response to stimulation of the plantar surface of the foot; toes curl upward
transcranial sonogram used in diagnosis and management of stroke and head trauma
craniotomy incision into the skull to approach the brain
disketcomy (discectomy) removal of a herniated disk
laminectomy excision of one or more laminae of the vertebrae to approach the spinal cord
spondylosyndesis spinal fusion
chemotherpay uses chemical agents to destroy selected cells or impair their ability to reproduce
analgesic agent that relieves pain
anticoagulant commonly used to prevent heart attack and ischemic stroke
anticonvulsant agent that prevents or lessens convulsions
hypnotic agent that induces sleep
sedative agent that has a calming effect
flat affect significantly dulled emotional tone or outward reaction
delusion persistent belief that has no basis in reality
hallucination false perception of the senses for which there is no reality; hearing voices in ones head
neurosis psychological condition in which anxiety is prominent
psychosis mental condition characterized by distortion of reality
manic depression/bipolar disorder (BD) affective disorder characterized by mood swings of mania and depression
seasonal affective disorder (SAD) mood disorder marked by episodes of depression that most often occur during autumn/winter
posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) condition resulting from an extremely traumatic experience, injury or illness that leaves the sufferer with persistent thoughts and memories of the ordeal
autism developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with communication and an inability to communicate with anything beyond oneself
bulimia nervosa eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by efforts to limit digestion by inducing vomiting
schizophrenia disease that causes disorganized thought, delusions, hallucinations, catatonic behavior
antidepressant agent that counteracts depression
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