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Oak Hill DC2.1 Dates for Objective Test

1095 First Crusade at request of Emperor Alexis Commenus
1099 Recovery of Jerusalem
1147-1149 Second Crusade fails to recover Edessa
1189-1192 Third Crusade to recover Jerusalem
1204-1261 Fourth Crusade
Early C13th Franciscans and Dominicans founded
1215 4th Lateran Council
1225-1274 Thomas Aquinas
1300-1500 Late Middle Ages
1378-1417 Great Schism
1414-18 Council of Constance
1453 Fall of Constantinople to Turks
1483-1546 Martin Luther
1484-1531 Ulrich Zwingli
1492 Reconquest of Spain
1509-1564 John Calvin
1516 Erasmus’s Greek NT
1517 Ninety-Five Theses (31 October)
1521 Diet of Worms
1529 Colloquy of Marburg
1534 Henry VIII’s Act of Supremacy
1534-5 Radicals in Münster
1536 Dissolution of the Monasteries begins
1539 Great Bible (Miles Coverdale)
1545-1563 Council of Trent
1547-1553 Edward VI
1553-1558 Mary I
1555 Peace of Augsburg
1558-1603 Elizabeth I
1562-1598 French Wars of Religion
1603-1625 James I
1604 Gunpowder Plot
1616-1683 John Owen
1625-1649 Charles I
1642 English Civil Wars begin
1648 Westminster Confession
1649 Execution of Charles I
1649-60 Interregnum
1660 Restoration of monarchy (Charles II)
1703-1758 Jonathan Edwards
1703-91 John Wesley
1734-1745 Great Awakening
1759-1833 William Wilberforce
1768-1834 Friedrich Schleiermacher
1789 French Revolution
1792 Baptist Missionary Society founded
1807 Parliament abolishes slavery
1828 Repeal of Test and Corporation Acts
1833 John Keble’s Assize Sermon ‘National Apostasy’
1854 Ineffabilis Deus
1859 Origin of the Species
1869-70 Vatican I
1870 Pastor Aeternus
1886-1968 Karl Barth
1934 (May) Barmen Declaration
1945 Discovery of Nag Hammadi Library
1950 Munificentissimus Deus
1962-5 Vatican II
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