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Myology 1

Lecture 11

muscles of posterior trunk latissimus dorsi,rhomboids,serratus anterior,serratus posterior superior,serratus posterior inferior,erector spinae group,
latissimus dorsi fibers twist that superior fibers attach distally on humerus and inferior fibers attach proximally,sometimes blends with teres major,attach via thoracolumbar fascia.can move scap,arm fixed elevate trunk at shoulder(pull up),adduct and IR arm
latissimus dorsi OIAN O=thoracolumbar aponeurosis,post sacrum,post iliac crest,lower 3-4 ribs,inf angle of scap
rhomboids deep to traps,minor sup to major,minor attach to scap,inf to lev scapulae,downwardly rot scap,christmas tree mm,weak rhomboids=rounder shoulders
rhomboid major OIAN O=SP T2-T5.I=medial border of the scap from root of spine to inf angle of scap.A=retracts,elevate and downward rot scap.rev mm action=unilaterally contralateral rotation of trunk.N=dorsal scap nn
serratus anterior deep to scap & lats post 7 pecs ant.lowest 4-5 ribs of costal attachment interdigiate c external oblique,ant to mover of protraction,upward rot & medial tilt of scap.req during forceful protraction of scap punch.weak=winging
serratus anterior OIAN O=outer borders of 1st-9th ribs,I=ant surface of the entire medial border of scap.A=PUSS/PURS protracts-upwardly rot-stabilize scap.N=long thoracic nn
serratus posterior superior thin,quadrilateral shape,respiration/inspiration elevates ribs 2-5 increasing size of thoracic cage(boyles law),deep to rhomboids
serratus posterior superior OIAN O=SP of C7-t3.I=superior borders of ribs 2-5.A=elevate ribs 2-5.N=intercostal nn
serratus posterior inferior OIAN O=SP T11-L2,I=inf border of ribs 9-12,A=depress ribs.N=subcostal and intercostal
erector spinae group 5th layer,make spine erect.deep,L/S=deep to lat and serratus post inf.T/S=deep to trap,lat,rhomb,serratus post sup,spleius cap/cerv.C/S=deep to trap,splen cap/cerv SCM.trunk=superficial to transversospinalis group,QL,ribcage.neck=superficial to subocc.
erector spinae group OIAN O=Pelvis,I=spine,ribcage,head.A=bilat extends trunk,neck,head,ant tilt pelvis.uilateral lateral flex and ipsilateral rot trunk,head,neck,elevate pelvisN=dorsal rami of spinal nn
individual erector spinae muscles spinalis,longissimus,iliocostalis
iliocostalis lumborum OIAN O=medial iliac crest and sacrum.I=angles of ribs 7-12.A=bilat extends trunk and neck and ant tilt.unilat lat flex and ipsilat rot trunk and neck,elevate pelvis
longissimus thoracis OIAN O=medial iliac crest,post sacrum, TP L1-5.I=TP of thoracic vert and 9 lower ribs.A=bilat extend trunk and neck and ant tilt pelvis.unilateral lat flex and ipsilat rot trunk,neck and head,elevate pelvis.N=dorsal rami CTL spinal nn
spinalis thoracis OIAN O=SP T11-12,SP t4-T8,bilat extends trunk and neck,unilater lateral flex and ipsilateral rot of trunk,neck,head.N=dorsal rami of CTL spinal nn
mm of erector spinae group spinalis,longissimus and iliocostalis med to lat SLI
erector spinae group mm med to lat SLI
spinalis subdivided into Thoracis,cervisis,capitis most medial of three
longissimus thoracis,cervicis,capitis, longest and largest of three with most superior attachments
iliocostalis lumborum,thoracis,cervicis, most lateral of three
Created by: mloft
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