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Latin Medical Words

50 Words about medical latins words

Acus Needle
Artus Joint
Auris Ear
Bracchium Arm
Bucca Mouth
Bulla Flask
Caput Head
Caro Flesh
Cervix Neck
Cor Heart
Corpus Body
Costa Rib
Coxa Hip
Crus Leg
Dens Tooth
Fauces Throat
Febris Fever
Femur Thigh
Frons Forehead
Genu Knee
Genus Birth
Guttur Throat
Labrum Lip
Lingua Tongue
Morbus Sickness
Mors Death
Oculus Eye
Os Bone
Pectus Chest
Pes Foot
Pulmo Lung
Ren Kidney
Sanguis Blood
Vena Vein
Venter Belly
Viscus Internal Organ
Vulnus Wound
Caedo Cut
Findo Split
Flo Blow
Frango Break
Laedo Hurt
Ligo Bind
Nutrio Nourish
Rado Scrape
Rigeo To be stiff
Rumpo To break
Spiro To breathe
Seco To cut
Suo To sew
Tumeo To be swollen
Uro To burn
Voro To swallow
Created by: KevinLe