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AP human barons 1

first 30

Absolute Disance a distance that can be measured with a standard unit of lengh such as a mile or kilo
Absolute location exact positio ofan object or place measured withing the seperation coordinates of a grid system
Accessibility the relative cause with which a destination may be reached from some other place.
Anthropogenic humn induced changes on the natural enviroment.
azimuthal projection a map projection in which the plane is the most developable surface
Breaking point the outer edge of a citys sphere of influence used inthe law of retail gravatation to describe the area of citys hinterlands that depend on that city for its retail supplies
Carl Sauer geogropher from the univessity of california at Berkely who defined the concept of cultural landscape as the fundamental unit of geographic analysis
cartograms a type of thematic map that transform space such that te political unit with the greatest value for some type of data is represented b the largeest rlative area
Cartogrophy map making
choropleth map a thematic ap that uses tomes or color to represent spatial data asavrage values per unit area
Cognitive map an image of a portion of Earths surfce that a individual creates to his or her mind.
complementary the actual or potential relationship between two placs, usually referring to economic interactons
Connectivity the degree of economic,social, cultural, or political connection between two places
Contagious diffusion The spread of a diseas an innovation or cultural trains through direst contact with another person or another place
coordinate system a standard grid composed of lines of latitude nd longitude used to determine the absolute locationo any object place or feature
cultural ecology the study of the interations between societes and the natural enviroment theu live in
cultural landscape the hman modifie naturallandscape specifiacally containing the imprint ofa particulr cultue or socity
Distanc decay efects the decrease in interaction beween two phenomena, plces or people as the distance betwee them inceases
Dot maps thematicmapsth use oito show the presice locatio of specif
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