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Unit 14

Word Parts for Night, Sleep, Split, Skeletal System, & Orthopedics

acromioclavicular joint between the collar bone and the acromion process
acromiohumeral joint between the acromion process and the humerus
acromion the bony projection on the scapula at the humeroscapular joint
ambulance vehicle used to transport patients
ambulatory able to walk, walking (ambulate)
ankylocheilia adhesion of the upper and lower lips, making them stiff
ankylodactylia adheresion of two or more digits, making them stiff
ankyloglossia limited movement (stiffness) of the tongue
ankylophobia abnormal fear of ankylosis
ankyloproctia closure (immobility) of the anus and rectum
ankylosis condidtion of stiffening, loss of mobility
arteriostasis control of arterial flow
brachial pertaining to the arm
brachiocephalic pertainging to the arm and head
brachioradialis muscle that extends from the upper arm to the radial bone
calcaneodynia(calcanealgia) heel pain
calcaneum, calcaneus, calcanea heel bone
carpi, carpus, carpal wrist bones
cervical pertaining to the neck, neck of the uterus, other necklike structure
cervicectomy excision of the cervix of the uterus
cervicitis imflammation of the cervix of the uterus
cervicobrachial pertaining to the neck and arm
cervicofacial pertaining to the neck and the face
cholestasis control of bile flow
condyle, condylar a rounded process on a bone end
condylectomy excision of a condyle
condyloid resembling a condyle
diskectomy (discectomy) excision of herniated intervertebral disk
distal distant, away from the origin
enterostasis control of intestinal flow
epicondyle upon a condyle
femur, femoral the thigh bone
fibula small, long bone in lower leg lateral to tibia
fracture break or crack
fungistasis (mycostasis) control or stop growth of a fungus
ganglion a collection of nerve cell bodies
hemostasis (hematostasis) control of blood flow
humeroradial pertaining to the humerus and the radius
humeroscapular pertaining to the humerus and the scapula
humeroulnar pertaining to the humerus and the ulna
ileum third part of the small intestine
ilium upper pelvic bone
intervertebral between the vertebrae
ischiocele herniation through the ischial bone
ischioneuralgia (sciatica) pain in the nerves near the ischium
ischiopubic pertaining to the ischium and the pubis
ischiorectal pertaining to het ischium and the rectum
kyphosis posterior curvature of the thoracic spine
laminectomy excision of the lamina of the vertebral posterior arch
lordosis anterior curvature of the lumbar spine
medial toward the middle
metacarpi, metacarpals hand bones distal to the carpi
metatarsals, metatarsi food bones distal to the tarsals
noctambulism (somnambulism) sleepwalking
noctalbuminuria excretion of albumin in urine at night
nyctalgia pain during the night
nyctalopia night blindness
nyctophobia (noctiphobia) abnormal fear of the night
nycturia (nocturia) excessive urination during the night
orthopedist bone and joint specialist
palatoschisis (uranoschisis) cleft palate
phalagitis inflammation of the phalages
phelbostasis control of venous flow
pubofemoral pertaining to the pubic bone and the femur
pyostasis control of pus formation
rachialgia(rachiodynia) spinal pain
rachiometer instrument to measure spinal curvature
rachioplegia spinal paralysis
rachischisis (spina bifida cystica) split spine
rachitis (spondylitis inflammation of the spine
radioulnar pertaining to the radius and the ulna
retrolisthesis posterior displacement of a vertebra
sacral pertaining to the sacrum
scapula shoulder blade
schistoglossia (fissure) split tongue
schistosomiasis infestation with Schistosoma (mansoni, japonicum, haematobium) flukes
schizonychia split finger nails or toenails
schizophasia split speech (incomprehensible)
schizophrenia severe mental disorder in which thinking, emotions, and behavior are disturbed (includes paranoia, hallucination, delusion, persecution & jealousy)
scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine
skeletal pertaining to bones
sternalgia (sternodynia) sternal pain
sternopericardial pertaining to the sternum and the pericardium
tarsi, tarsus, tarsal bones of the ankle (not including the tibia)
tibia shin bone, medial to fibula
tibiofibular pertaining to the tibia and fibula
viscerostasis control of an organ
xiphocostal pertaining to the xiphoid process and the ribs
xiphoid (process) cartilage bony projection on the distal end of the sternum
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