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M6 13-005

Exam 7: GU Study Questions

How would a prostatitis patient subjectively describe his pain? Burning sensation when voiding
Teach a patient with a recurrent UTI to include what? Cranberry juice in daily diet
Most likely nursing Dx for Pt diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis, suffering from exertional dyspnea? Activity intolerance r/t chronic disease state
What is burning abnormal tissue w/ electrical spark? Fulguration
Medication for cystitis may include? Anti-microbial
Thiazide diuretics must be closely monitored in Pts with what disease process? Diabetes: increases blood sugar (may need to adjust coverage)
What is a cystoscopy used for? Dx/Evaluate urinary tract issues
Serum Creatinine reports determine Kidney function
What diagnostic exam may be ordered for BPH patient? Cystoscopy
Which diretic is also prescribed for hyperaldosteronism? Spirinolqctone/Aldactone (K+ Sparing)
What would you tell a post-nephrectomy patient to avoid upon discharge? Avoid people with respiratory infections
Immediate post-op considerations for nephrectomy patient? Bleeding, Respiratory Status, Urinary Output
Which medication should patients closely monitor taking in conjunction with a thiazide diuretic, such as HCTZ? Digitalis (Digoxin); Enhances effects, which may lead to arrhythmias
Common S/S of urolithiasis Pain, initiated in flank & radiating to inguinal region
Common S/S of cystitis Frequency & dysuria
Dx Test to determine poly-cystic kidney disease US, blood chemistry, Excretory urography, x-ray
Common causes of urinary tract obstruction Strictures/kinks
What increases prevalence of UTI on aging women Urinary stasis
What is Neostigmine? Whats is it used for? Urinary tract stimulant; post-op/post-delivery urinary retention
The catheter of choice for a BPH patient would be Coude
What is oliguria? Decreased urine output
Greatest nursing intervention to maintain bowel/bladder function for a prostatic cancer patient? Maintain catheter patency
Medication included in treatment of BPH? Alfuzosin (Uroxatral)
Medication included in UTI treatment? Ciproflaxin (Cipro)
Filtration of solutes occurs where in the kidneys Bowman's Capsule (Glomeruli are here)
Nephritis is a term to describe what 2 processes? Inflammation and altered function
Removal of the prostate through the urethra is termed: Transurethral resection
What lab will reflect acute renal failure (ARF)? Elevated BUN/Cr
Term Describing and elevated BUN/Cr Azotemia
Solutions iused for continuous bladder irrigation should be Room temperature
Primary treatment goal of polycystic kidney disease Symptom relief
Normal urine output for adolescent patient? 0.5-1mL/kg/hr Infants 2mL/kg/hr, Children 1-2mL/kg/hr, adults 30cc/hr
If K+ sparing diuretics are complimentary to another diuretic, what is their supplemental purpose? Trat HTN, Treat heart failure, Prevent hypokalemia
How is Kock Pouch different from Bricker's procedure? Kock pouch controls urine via nipple-like valve
Older female patient is prescribed oxybutynin (Ditropan) to treat what? Overactive bladder (antispasmodic)
Why do kegel exercises? Improve perineal muscle tone
Pain S/S of urinary tract obstruction are typically characterized as: ranging from dull to incapactitating
A UTI patient with moderate bladder pain may be given what medication for the pain? Pyridium
Commons adverse effect of Finasteride (Proscar) Impotence
Goal of treatment with Finasteride? Stronger stream/No hesitency
Any patient on diuretic therapy should be monitored for what? Hypokalemia (unless it's K+ sparing)
A report of severe flank pain radiating to inguinal/testicular area would signify: Nephrolithiasis (stone formation)
Nephron's major function Regulate pH
Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) is usually performed by: The patient
A kidney transplant patient asks what what Cyclosporine is: An immunosuppressant
Treating pylenophritis includes Antibiotics & forcing fluids
Common S/S of pyelonephritis Chills, fever, flank pain
How is mannitol administered? IV (filtered)
What is a Robinson catheter used for? Intermittent Catheterization
A pelvic fracture patient with hematuria may get what diagnostic test? KUB
How many phases are in ARF? 3 (Oliguric, Diuretic, Recovery)
What medication discolors urine reddish-orange? Pyridium
Urine'smain constituents include what? Water & nitrogenous wastes
A hydronephrosis patient has severe renal impairment. What treatment would you expect? Nephrectomy, Antibiotics, Opioids
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