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in roman palestine...became very important for...after the... resurrection..jewish doctrine...maccabean revolt
in 63 bc there was a ...which meant... client kingdom...they had their own ruler but he was still technically under roman authority
in 6 bc the client kingdom was broken up into the judea province
religion in the roman empire during the...consisted of... first century...state cult and mystery religions
the state cult was meant only for...and involved... political leadership...roma and the spirit of the emporer
roma was the state personified as a goddess
mystery religions involved...and in return you would get... buying your way in...promise of a happy after life
being involved in a mystery religion meant you would be underscoring your social status
exception to state cult jews didn't have to worship roma
groups of jews in palestine/judea included essenes, sadduces, parisees, zealots
the essenes were all about the end of the world
the sadduces consisted of the...and they controlled the... priestly class..temple worship
the sadduces also...and were... monopolized the temple..wealthy
the...deligated the sadduces as the... romans...local rulers
the sadduces rejected...and... essenes ideas...the resurrection
the sadduces did not believe in...but only believed in the... spiritual beings..torah
the pharisees resided in the...and their version of the scripture became... synogogues...the jewish bible
pharisees believed in spirits and messianic resurrection
zealots believed a lot of the same stuff as pharisees and in the end of the world
the zealots wanted to assassinate as many romans as possible in order to reassert political independence of jews
jesus' story are the gospels
synoptic gospels include mark mathew luke
mark matthew and luke were written in galilee
the fourth gospel...was written in.. .john...jerusalem
which two gospels talk about jesus' birth matthew and luke
jesus was a descendent of david from bethelehem
which gospel talks about jesus as a child luke
jesus's adult ministry consisted of him being a ... rabbi, healer, teacher
jesus' healings were said to be....and he taught using.. miraculously powerful..parables
jesus did what to people..which was a.. baptised them...jewish ritual of purification
jesus spends...where he gets...which is an analogy to... time in the wilderness...temped and returns...moses and the exodus
jesus parable example the good samaritan (luke 10)
the culmination of the gospels shows the...which involves the... passover...deliverance from slavery
during passover, jesus goes to...and the romans... jerusalem too...know that jews travel there and they don't like it bec they think there wil be a liveration of the jws by the coming messiah
during passover there is a...which is comparable to.. supper meal..seder dinner
jesus gets...because... arrested in jerusalem...judas betrays him
jesus is arrested for...and what is written above his cross..which was meant to.. treason...INRI = jesus of nazareth, the king of the jews...diss the jews
after jesus dies he is resurrected
establishment of the church is recorded in...which involves the... acts...restoration of the covenant
the establishment of the church was based on jesus' resurrection and ascension
jesus had 12 apostles
pentecost happens..and is the... 50 days after passover..commemoration of the giving of the law
tongues refers initially to the story that the apostles had tongues of fire above them that were allowing them to talk in different languages
everyone thought that the apostles were just drunk
peter's reply to everyone thinking they were drunk while speaking in tongues was its 9 a.m., we're not drunk. this is the end of the ages, its been prophecied by joel, there will be a vast reconcilliation
jesus is lord (god) mentioned in...and he was a... stephen..acts...member of early christian groups
stephen worships at synogogue of freed slaves
stephen becomes the first martyr as he is executed by a mob for herecy
paul oversees stephens execution
paul (who later becomes...) is a ..who gets.. saul..pharisee...converted when he is confroted by God for his executions
paul never officially...he just... denounces judaism...accepts jesus as mesiah
paul then undertakes mission to the gentiles
elements of the worshiping community included major rituals, scripture, day of worship, leadership
major rituals included suppers and baptism
baptism symbolizes death, resurrection, iniatiation
scripture was the septuagint
day of worship commemorates...and is known as either... messiah (x)...the lord's day or 8th day or new creation
leadership involved the aposltes who had to have had direct encounters with jesus
leadership also included bishops, elders and then deacons
the bishops were the overseers
bishops in greek is...which means... presbyters..old guy
the leadership follows episcopacy which is apostolic succession
the elders are delegated by bishops...preach and do rituals
the deacons were the...who.. sevants...administered charity
roman attitudes in the decades prior to 100 ad: christians were not referred to as a diff group - they were just anothe rgroup of jews
changes in the 100s involved the romans recognizing the christians as a new religious group
since the christians were considered they're own religious group now, it was..because.. dangerous..they were no longer under jewish exception umbrella (roma etc)
the romans thought christians were weird, anti social and deserved persecution
in the 200's ad, there was even..because.. worse persecution..roman empire became fragile
in the 200's it becomes a requirement for all citizens to worship the state (emp decius)
in the 300's there began a period of state sponsorship and favortism of christianity
constantine was emporere around...and became emporer after the... 312 ad..battle of milvian bridge
constantine favors..but does not.. episcopal form...make christianity the only religion
constantine has an experiene on the...where he... eve of the told to put a symbol on the soldier's shields
the symbol is made of an x and p = christ
constantine came to he builds.. christianity..churches all over the empire
constantine gives tax breaks to christian leaders
constatine was emporere when councils met..325
the councils debated over...and constantine... a bit of donctrine(trinity)...supports the trinity
trinity is scrictly a christian form of monotheism
a form of constantines support for christianity came with the..which was based on.. aspect of espicopacy
the patriarchs are...which were ruled by.. cities...bishops
the patriarchs include antioch, alexandria, jerusalem, constantinople and rome
which patriarchs were in the east antioch, alexandria jerusalem and constantinople
which patriarchs were in the west rome
in the late 300's what happen w/ scripture the new testament was writtenw hich had 27 books
in the 300s there was also a...that involved... counter cultural movement...monasticism (solitary)
monasticism was all about...that.. solitary communities...renounced wealth, complacency and christian culture
the monastics said that people became christians just to get tax breaks, etc
the monastics were called... martyrs
asceticism = martyrdom
eastern christianity retains...and believes in... emporers...immersion baptism of infants
eastern christianity allows only...and there has to be... images...clerical celibacy (bishops only)
east christianity language was...and it was made of... state/army
western christianity had the pope (bishop of rome)
the pope manages municipal orphanges and hospitals
western christianity belieed in infant baptism by sprinkling
western christianity allowed images and statues
west believe din clerical celibacy
western language was..and it was made of... latin..many states/armies
in 1054 the...came to... two regions (east and west) excommunication
the mutual excommunication happen when the... bishops of rome and constantinople argued (c said r is not supreme patriarch, r says he will cut c off from community, c returns favor)
medieval means middle age
medieval conflicts included the frankish empire, crusades, monastic reforms, lay renwal movements, babylonian captivity, great western schism, council of constance
the frankish empire was ruled by...who 800 charlemagne...crowned by pope as emporer of the romans
"emporer of the romans" refers to not rome, but to the holy roman empire which was germanic
charlemagne saw the proliferation of...because.. can't kil unwanted babies
during charlemagne, christian legislation named marriage as a mutual consent between man and woman (couldn't arrange marriages)
charlemagne made homosexual practice illegal
charlemagne appoints...who had to be..which ensured.. bishops..servants of the king, loyal and bishops heirs could threaten his throne
during charlemagne there was the conflict over...which is where the.. investiture...king and pope can elect bishops but who gets "to put the bishop in the clothes?"
investiture conflict was internal western
the frankish empire then splits into germany and france
the crusades began in...when the... 1095...eastern empire appeals to pope to cooperate and set aside diffs to join militaries to defeat the powerful muslim empire and the pope agrees
the pope says that... any one who participates in the crusades will go straight to heaven and all sins would be forgive
in 1096 there was the...which... first crusade..liberated states (including jerusalem)
in 1204 there was the...which involved... fourth crusade...constantinople getting raided and pilaged
monastic reforms involved the dominicans and franciscans
the dominicans and franciscans were..which meant... mendicants...they did not always reside in one place together
the dominicans were concerned with..while the franscicans were concerned with... education...caring for destitute
the monastics had to take oaths to poverty, chastity and obedience to monastic organization
the domincans and franscicans said that wealth was destroying christian message of goodness and kindnes
lay renewal movements involved which two groups cathars and lollards
the cathars said that the...and almost all get... papcy is illegitamate in the 1200s (leadership is not sexist either)...executed
the cathars were in southern france
the lollards were 1300s..england
the lollards wanted the bible translated to their vernacular english which was a rogue thing to do
babylonian captivity involved avignon papcy...1309-1378
...invites the pope to live in...and he... phillip iv of france...avignon...agrees
the pope living in avignon causes conflict because western christians know him as bishop of rome, so it causes them anxiety
in 1302 it was established that you must be loyal to the pope to go to heaven
the great western schis of 1379-1417 involved there being two popes, one in rome and the other in france
during the great schism another...whih causes... pope gets elected in italy(3 total)...even more anxiety
council of constance in 1414-1418 established one uniform pope in rome
the new pope as a result of the council of constance was...and this... matvin v...resolved the schism
...leads the...for.. john hus...renwal movement..christian leadership
john hus was a bohemian priest at the university of prague
john hus's movement was critical of..and believed that... hypocracy in the leadership...everyone should receive bread and wine, not just the priests
john hus gets...which leads to.. executed...revolts and war bec his followers were so angry
early modern reform movements were lead by martin luther, huldryoh zwingli, john calvin and anabaptists (menno simons)
martin luther was born into the time of...and his primary concern was... to be sure you are going to heaven
luther becomes a ...who was... monk..extremely ascetic
in 1517, luther writes his..that debate.. 95 theses...authority of papacy w/ respect to purgatory
in purgatory you are purified through suffering to go to heaven
time in purgatory can be...which was done by... merit...the papacy selling their treasury of merit via indulgences
luther says that is a bunch of balogna
...comes after luther, which says that you are... protestantism....justified by faith alone
protestantism is strickly a western christian movement
martin luther utilizes the printing press and german language
martin luther believed in...which is..and which means.. justifacation in faith alone...basic protestant doctrine...appropriate status w/ god
luther also said that good deeds are good so long as they're not done for self righteousness
a variety of... political leaders supported luther because they didn't have to pay taxes to the pope anymore
protestantism was it was... a state church..regulated by government
protestantism also believed in priesthood of believers (priests are no diff than anyone else)
another priest during the emergence of protestantism was...and he was from... huldrych zwingli...switzerland
during...zwingli attended the... lent 1522..sausage affair where people ate meat but he didn't, he just watched
zwingli said that people could decide for themselves whether to eat meat during lent based on self moral conviction
in 1523 there were...over the.. disputations under political authority of zurich (where zwingli was)...meat debate
the outcomes of the meat debates included the state of zurich has jurisdiction of the church, not the papacy, german bible says what is right and what is wrong
during the emergence of protestantism, they believed that priests could legally marry people
protestantism split into...mainly because of... lutheranism and zwinglianism...debates over the ritual of the supper
lutherans believed that the bread and wine were bread and wine and also encompassed jesus' body and blood fully
the zwinglians believed that...and that... the bread and wine was just bread and is just a testimony of faith
...was not a..but he was a... john calvin (french)
calvin was also a humanist (linguist), scholar and author
in 1536 calvin wrote the institutes in geneva
during the time of his book, calvin gets...and he becomes... kidnapped...a pastor in geneva
calvin believed in the...which is a type of... seperation
the consistory consists of pastors and elders
calvinism thus survived when zwingli and lutherans didn't bec they didn't require state support
anabaptists means re baptizers
anabaptists do not baptize infants, just adults
anabaptists believed in...and that... leadership by elders seperate from the state...the state was demonic
anabaptists were...which meant they.. pacifists...renounced violence
anabaptists were seen as traitors to the state and wouldn't pay taxes
the anabaptists included groups like the amish which is a subgroup of the mennonites
the mennonites were founded by menno simons
at the same time as the protestant emergence, there was the catholic renewal
at the...the catholic renewal decided that there would be no more... council of trent more concubinage and priests couldn't pay bishops in order to keep their concubines
catholics at the council of trent also believed that protestantism emerged because of their moral impurity
the catholic renewal changed the way they got indulgances, they couldn't pay for them anymore, they had to do pious deeds
the catholic priests must now also be educated
the catholics established...that included... anti-protestant decrees...the bible is latin, faith alone = herecy, communion is 100% jesus
during the...there were...that... 17/18th centuries..enlightenment movements...seperated the church and state
who established the idea of sunday worship paul
it is believed that early christians chose to worship on sunday in memory of the... resurrection of jesus
with rare exception, christians a day of.. and worship
christmas marks the...and is celebrated on dec 25 duh and birth of jesus...january..eastern orthodox christians
christmas was one of the last holidays to be accepted
the oldest and most widely accepted holiday in the christian calendar is easter
the date for easter is established based on the lunar calendar and may vary by a number of weeks from year to year
easter is connected to the vernal equinox
forty days before easter is ash wednesday
for forty days christians celebrate...and during this period it is customary for some to abstrain from... lent...a certain food or habit or to fast on certain days to be more aware of the need for repentance
lent ends with holy week
first day of holy week is palm sunday
palm sunday commemorates jesus' triumphal entry into jerusalem
thursday of holy week is called...which is traditionally the... maundy of jesus' last supper witih his disciples
friday of holy week is good friday
good friday commemorates the trial execution and burial of jesus
easter commemorates the resurrection of jesus
the early church used easter as a time to receive its new members with baptism and new robes
forty days after easter is..when christians remember that christ... ascension day..ascended into heaven after having spent time with his disciples following the resurrection
pentecost was the ...for the.. greek name...jewish festival of shavout
pentecost happens fifty days after passover
pentecost commemorates the giving of the law on mt sinai after the exodus
according to the book of...pentecots comes... acts..fifty days after jesus' resurrection
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