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Unit 13

Respiratory System & Pulmonology

apnea absence of breathing
asthma inflammatory lung disease with narrowing of the bronchi
atelectasis collapsed lung
bradypnea slow breathing
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
broncholith bronchial stone
bronchorrhagia hemorrhage of the bronchi
bronchorrhaphy suture of the bronchi
bronchoscopy examination of the bronchi with a bronchoscope
bronchospasm uncotrolled contraction of the bronchial muscles
cardiopulmonary pertaining to heart and lungs
chiroplasty surgical repair of the hand
chiropractic practice of using hand therapy for therapeutic spinal and skull manipulation, a philosphy of medicine based on musculoskeletal alignment and holistic health practices
chiropractor doctor of chiropractic (DC)
croup laryngotracheobronchitis with a hoarse cough
dermatomycosis fungal infection of the skin
dextral pertaining to the right
dextrocardia heart displaced to the right
dextogastria stomach displaced to the right
diaphragm breathing muscle below the thoracic cavity
dyspnea difficulty (painful) breathing
embolism process of having an embolus
embolus a moving blood clot
emphysema loss of elasticity of terminal bronchioles
endotracheal inside the trachea
epistaxis nosebleed
expiration exhalation
fungi plural of fungus
geriatrics medical specialty studying aging and related diseases
gerontology study of aging
hemoglobin RBC protein that carries O2
hemoptysis bloddy sputum
hyperpnea inceasing in depth and rate of breathing
laryngalgia larynx pain
laryngitis inflammation of the voice box
laryngocele herniation of the larynx
laryngopathy any disease of the larynx
laryngoscope an instrument used to examine the larynx
laryngospasm uncontrolled contraction of the vocal cords
laryngostomy making a new, permanent opening in the larynx
laryngotomy making a temporary incision into the larynx
larynx the voice box
manual pertaining to the hands
mycoid resembling a fungus
mycology the science and study of fungi
nasoantritis inflammation of the nose and antrum
nasofrontal pertaining to the nasal and frontal bones
nasolacrimal pertaining to the nose and lacrimal ducts
nasomental pertaining to the nose and chin
nasopharyngeal pertaining to the nasopharynx (nose and pharynx)
nasopharyngitis inflammation of the nose and pharynx
nasoscope instrument used to examine the nose
orthopnea dyspnea when lying down (straight) or any position other than sitting or standing upright
otorhinolaryngologist physician specialist in diseases of the ear, nose, and throat
pedal pertaining to the foot
pedialgia foot pain
pediatrician physician specialist in children's diseases and development
pertussis whooping cough
pharyngocele herniation (weakening of the wall) of the throat
pharyngomycosis fungal infection od the throat
pharyngoplasty surgical repair of the throat
pharyngoscope intrument used to examine the throat
pharynx throat
phrenectomy(phrenICectomy) excision of part of the phrenic nerve
phrenoplegia paralysis of the diaphragm
pleural pertaining to the pleura
pleuralgia pleural membrane pain
pleurectomy excision of part of the pleura
pleurisy inflammation of the pleura
pleurocentesis surgical puncture of the pleura to remove fluid
pleurolith stone in the pleural cavity
pneumohemothotax air and blood in the thoracic cavity
pneumometer instrument for measuring air volume
pneumonectomy excision of the lung
pneumonia inflammation of the lung
pneumonocentesis surgical puncture of the lung to remove fluid
pneumonomelanosis black lung disease
pneumonomycosis fungal infection of the lung
pneumonopathy any lung disease
pneumonopexy surgical fixation of a prolapsed lung
pneumonorrhagia hemorrhage of the lung
pneumonotomy incision into the lung
pneumotherapy treatment using air
pneumothorax air in the thoracic cavity
podiatrist specialist in care of conditions of the feet; may also perform surgery of the foot
psychiatrist physician specialist in mental disorders
ptyalorrhea flow of saliva
pulmonary pertaining to the lung
respiratory pertaining to breathing
rhinomycosis fungal infection in the nose
sinistral pertaining to the left
tachypnea fast breathing
trachea windpipe
trachealgia tracheal pain
tracheocele herniation of the tracheal wall
tracheopyosis condition of pus in the trachea
tracheorrhagia hemorrhage of the trachea
tracheoscopy process of inspecting the trachea
tracheostomy surgical creation of an opening in the trachea
tracheotomy incision into the trachea
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