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CRCT Review


Zionism Jews returning to their homeland
Anti- Semitism Hatred of the Jews
Holocaust killings of over 6 million Jews
Colonization Colonizing a country to get needed natural resources
Civil War Africans fought for their independence from European rule
Ottoman Empire sided with Italy and Germany during WWI
Nationalism A love for one's country
Independence Making your own decisions
Chiang Kai- shek Nationalist leader of the Kuomintang
Mao Zedong Was a communist leader of China; wanted equality for all
Kuomintang Nationalist group Chiang- Kai shek led to go against Mao Zedong
Communism System of government that makes everyone equal
Great Leap Forward A way to modernize China; planned to improve agriculture and industry
Cultural Revolution Eliminate the 4 olds: old customs, old ideas, old habits, and old culture
Tiananmen Square China's citizens demanded independence
Political power is shared between the executive branch and the legislative branch. Majority political party is known as ODM. Mwai Kibaki was elected president, and Raila was elected prime minister here in 2002. the Republic of Kenya
Why would a country want to erect trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas? to protect domestic goods
Govt. unwilling to protect its own citizens. Govt. soldiers and militia attack civilians and humanitarian aid workers. One of the "10 Worst Places for Refugees". 2003&up genocide carried out on some people in Darfur region. the Republic of Sudan
Imposing some sort of cost on trade that raises the price of the traded products is MOST LIKELY an example of a trade barrier
Dominant religion of India HInduism
Longest river in the world. Flows north and discharges into the Mediterranean Sea Flows through 10 diff. countries. Made up of 2 main tributaries that converge near Khartoum. the Nile River
As the European countries grew more industrialized, their colonies became very important sources of raw materials
In a traditional economy, the decision to make (or not to make) certain products is decided by custom
In 1994 South Africans elected Nelson Mandela president. This election was the first of its kind in South African history & resembled U.S. elections which are guided by the Constitution & include universal suffrage for men & women of all races
GDP of $506.1 billion (2008). World's leading producer of gold. One of the largest producers of platinum & diamonds. Not a significant producer of uranium/ oil. South Africa
This refers to a country's access to goods & services that help make up a vibrant & active economy. standard of living
Which example might work to limit trade between countries? a quota on imports & exports
Of the following groups, the one hurt MOST by unanticipated inflation is retirees who are living on fixed incomes
Sudan's main source of water is: Nile River
What's one of the major problems facing those who depend on the Nile River for their water? water is contaminated with human and industrial waste
Which phrase best describes the savanna? Grasslands making up half of the African continent
Why are so many different languages spoken in West Africa? because each ethnic group speaks a separate language
Why isn't desalination used more in Southwest Asia? These technologies are very expensive for the country to use
People living along the rivers of Southwest Asia have built canals and water wheels to use the water for flood control
Why did the U.S. invade Afghanistan in 2001? They believed the government was offering safety to Al-Qaeda, the organization that attacked the U.S. on Sept. 2001.
Which of the following is not an affect of the colonial period? common language
What decision did South African President F.W. de Klerk eventually make about the country's apartheid laws? He began to recommend the laws be repealed.
During China's Cultural Revolution, led by Mao Zedong in the 1960s and 1970s, which event occurred? Many Chinese intellectuals were persecuted, exiled, and sometimes executed.
South Africa & Kenya are a republic. They are similar to a representative democracy
In many rural villages, what type of economy could you find? traditional
Why are oil & gas such valuable natural ? developed countries depend on oil & gas for their energy supply.
What does voluntary trade in Southwest Asia promote? specialization & interdependence
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