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Phlebotomy final exam

which government agency regulates the quality of gloves worn when performing phlebotomy procedures? FDA
What word means "condition of clotting"? thrombosis
Doing this during the vein selection process is bad for the specimen. allowing the patient to pump his or her fist.
Heparin is used in ABG specimen collection to ..... prevent clotting of the specimen.
Which of the following specimens needs to be chilled? ammonia
The function of the left ventricle is to deliver...... oxygenated blood to the aorta.
Why should a labortory report form indicate the fact that a specimen has been collected by capillary punture> Because test results can vary depending on the method of collection.
A urine C&S is typically ordered to collect ... presence of UTI
It is not a good idea to collect a CBC specimen from a screaming infant because the ... white blood count maybe falsey elevated.
The solution normally used to clean the site before routine venipunture is ..... 70% isopropanol
True or False? Citrate prevents clotting by inhibiting thrombin. False
Which of the following is used by the laboratory to identify a specimen thoughout the testing process? accession number
when latex or vinyl strap tourniquets become soiled with blood, it is best to ..... throw it away.
Fluid found around the heart is ..... pericardial
when performing the Allen test, which artery is released first? ulnar
What part of the term "osteochondritis" is the suffix? itis
which instance most closely resembles basal state? A patient who has....... just awakened at 0600 after fasting all night
which of the following specimens are least likely to require special handling? cholesterol and uric acid
an ABG specimen can clot if ther is inadequate or delayed ________ of the specimen. mixing
the procedure of identifying a patient using the written requisition, arm band, and verbal confirmation is known as..... 3 way ID
Why are EDTA specimens obtained before other specimens when collected by skin puncture to minimize effects of platelet clumping
of the following test,which is most likely to result in fatal consequences if the patient is misidentified? type and crossmatch
fluid that comes from between tissues cells is known as........ fluid. interstitial
according to CLSI standards, which tube is filled last when using a syringe? EDTA
the handling of a specimen before it is actually tested is part of the ........phase. preanalytical
a type of needle used to collect blood from a small or difficult vein is known as a .... butterfly or winged fusion set
true or false? to perform ABG punctures, a phlebotomist must undergo extensive training. true
the abbreviation for "UTI" stands for..... urinary tract infection
a proper cleaning solution for preparing an arterial puncture site is...... isopropyle alcohol.
the Joint Commissions's Sentinel Event QI program policy is designed to do all of the following except demonstrate flesibility in setting QC measures.
true or false? If the blood is filling the tube very slowly aand a hematoma is beginning to form, the needle may not be deep enough. true
The recieving chambers of the heart are the... atria
three of the following are reasons a specimen could be rejected for analysis. Which one is not? a bilirubin specimen is icteric.
after performing arterial puncture, check the pulse....... distal to the puncture site
glass particles present in serum separator tubes....... enhance clotting
you must draw a protime specimen from a patient with IV's on both ams. Which of the following is the best thing to do? Draw the specimen............... below an IV (after its been off for two minutes)
Never leave a tourniqet on for more than..... 1 minute
What is the most critical area a phlebotomist can make? misidentifying a patient specimen
which can be centrifuged immediately upon arrival in specimen processing? blood culture in an SPS tube
when collecting a blood culture specimen directly from a butterfly into blood culture bottles, which should be filled first? aerobic
according to standard first aid procedures, severe external bleeding is best controlled by...... applying direct pressure
which type of specimen must be protected from light? amniotic fluid
electrolyte testing include,,,,,,,, sodium, potassium
which artery is typically the easiest to access during low cardiac output? femoral
a capillary puncture site should not appear___, which is described as being bluish from lack of oxygen. syanotic
what may happen if you mix a specimen to vigorously? hemolysis
the slanted tip of the needle that enters the vein is called the ...... bevel
a phlebotomist arrives to draw a specimen from an inpatient. The patients door is closed. what should the phlebotomist do? knock softly, open it slowly, and ask permission to enter
a first morning specimen is perferred for hCg testing because it is......... typically more concentrated
true or false? part of a phlebotomist job may be to insruct a patient on how to collect a clean catch midstream urine specimen. true
a global, nonprofit standards-developing organization with represenatives from the profession, industry, and government who use a consensus process to develop voluntary guidlines and standards for all areas of the laboratory is ....... CLSI
true of false? a patient who is suspected of having lead poisoning should have his or her lead test specimen drawn in a light blue tube? false
a substance used to kill bacteria on surfaces and instruments is known as ....... disinfectants
a phlebotomist has attmepted twice to draw a partial thromboplastin time (PTT) specimen from a patient with difficult veins. Both times the phlebotomist has been able to draw only a partial tube. what should the phlebotomist do? have another phlebotomist to draw the specimen
what word means "hardening of the artery"? arteriosclerosis
this test requires a specimen with a 9:1 ratio of blood to anticoagulant. prothrombin time
which of the following would not be considered a preanalytical error? mislabeling an aliquot tube
true or false? paternity testing is performed to determine the probability that a specific individual fathered a particular child. true
mucos or phlegm from the lungs called,,, sputum
true or false? geriatric patients need special considerations because they may have mental and physical problems true
an individuals blood type is determined by the presence or absence of a certain type of.... antigen presence on the red blood cell
which of the following tubes can be used to collect blood for a type and cross match? pink top EDTA tube
which of the following is a test of the respiratory system? ABG (arterial blood gases)
the plural form of ovum is ..... ova
the test performed in the following department are typically collected in a tube with light blue stopper coagulation
the term "distal" means..... farthest from the point of attachment
An unconscious patient is not wearing an ID band. there is an ID band taped to the patient's IV pole with the information that matches the requisition. what should the phlebotomist do? only draw the specimen after the ID band has been applied.
The term 'phlebotomy' is derived from Greek works that, literally translated, mean ..... vein incision
another name for bloodbank is..... immunohematology
which fluid is obtained by lumbar puncture? CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)
True or False? It is important to mix anticoagulant tubes immediately so that they will clot properly. false
the purpose of antiglycolytic agent is to preserve glucose
the last choice vein for venipuncture is the ... basilic vein
a capillary puncture should be done rather than a venipuncture in all the following situations except when..... a light blue top is needed
the following test have all been ordered at the same time on different inpatients. there is only one phlebotomist on duty. which test should the phlebotomist collect first? STAT electrolytes in the ER
to maintain the integrity of an ABG specimen collected in a plastic syringe, it should be.... analyzed within 30 minutes
Which of the following is a function of the urinary system? to maintain electrolyte balance
what additional information is typically required when labeling a non blood specimen? specimen type and source
true or false? oxygen poor blood enters the heart through the right atrium true
a hormone, specific to the heart, which released is when there is too much pressure or fluid, is known as ........ BNP (B type naturetic peptide)
true or false? labeling of a specimen must be exact TRUE
which of the following structures in the skin give rise to fingertips? papillae
capillary puncture blood reference ranges are higher for this analyte? glucose
which of the following is the job of a student phlebotomist? letting the patient know that you are a student phlebotomist
true or false? the regular ETS system is used most commonly because it is direct, efficient and safe. TRUE
which test requires strict skin antisepsis procedures before specimen collection? blood culture
All POC glucose and analyzers approved for hospital use have which of the following in common? -the ability to use capillary, venous, or arterial blood samples -data can be downloaded to a data management program -they require the use of an authorized operator
the relaxing phase of the cardiac cycle is called.... diastole
according to CLSI, the maximum time limit for separating serum or plasma from cells is ... 2.0 hours from the time of collection.
the most critical aspect of blood culture collection is ........ skin antisepsis
the abbreviation 'ESR' means.... ethrocyte sedimention rate
a dangerous condition in which a patients' pH decreases is known as ...... acidosis
levels of this analyte can differ by 50% or more between morning and late afternoon. cortisol
which needle gauge has the largest lumen? 18
test that can be performed using special POCT instruments or test kits include........ -arterial blood gases -glucose -occlut bood ALL OF THESE ANSWERS ARE CORRECT
the medical word for fainting is ..... syncope
what is the most important factor in choosing which gauge needle to use for venipuncture? size and condition of the vein
which of the following is a nervous system disorder? multiple sclerosis
what is the purpose of waiting 30 seconds for the alcohol to dry before needle insertion? -to let evaporation help destroy microbes -to avoid a stinging sensation -to prevent hemolysis of the specimen ALL OF THE OPTIONS ARE CORRECT!
True or False? the ulnar artery is the first choice for drawing an ABG specimen. False
when performing a GTT (glucose timed test), the timing should begin..... as soon as the patient finishes the drink
when the threshold value of a clinical indicator of QA (quality assurance) is exceeded and a problem is identified.... a correction plan of action is implemeted.
what does the term 'calcaneus' mean? heel bone
which fluid is aspirated from the peritoneal cavity? ascites
a patient who has been at rest and has not had any changes in respiratory therapy for 20-30 minutes is in ______________ state. steady
why do pregnant patients have lower reference ranges for red blood cell count? body fluid increasesin pregnancy, dilure red blood cells
what is the suffix in the term 'lipase'? ase
whcih test is used to diagnose cystic fibrosis? sweat chloride
the purpose of 'protective' isolation is to... protect susceptible patients from outside contamination
at what intervals is the blood blotted during a bleeding time? 30 seconds
a tube with a green stopper normally contains.... heparin
True or False? there are no hormones produced by the organs of the reproductive system. false
True or False? The 21 gauge multisample needle is considered the standard needle for venipuncture. true
What is PKU? a hereditary inability to metabolize phenylalanine
The brain is encased in the cranial cavity, which is within the _______ body cavity. dorsal
heparin prevents blood from clotting by.... inhibiting thrombin
hemostasis refers to....... the stoppage of bleeding
a blood smear made from an EDTA specimen should be made..... anytime after collection
the artery of choice for ABG collection? radial
in what instance might a patient be placed in protective isolatioin? the patient has severe burns
which of the following veins is not an antecubital vein? femoral
how can you tell that you are in a vein when using a needle and a syringe? you normally see blood appear in the hub of the needle
True or False? Once the tourniquet has been applied it should be removed within 2 minutes. false
Class C fires........ involves electrical equipment
a condition in which blood components that cannot easily leave the bloodstream become concentrated in the smaller plasma volume is known as...... hemoconcentration
indentify the condition in which a unit of blood is withdrawn from a patient as treatment. hemochromatosis
the abbreviation for PPE stand for..... personal protective equipment
a specimen arrives with less volume that is needed for the test. it will ve noted why the specimen was rejected by using the abbreviations...... QNS (quanity not sufficent)
what would be the system of choice to indentify laboratory specimen from unconscious, unconscious, unidentified woman in the emergency room? use a three part Identification band and labels
which of the following is an example of a means of transmission that differs from parental transmission? drinking water from a contaminated glass
blood that is flowing back to the heart is ____ blood venous (or de-oxgenated)
True or False? EDTA is the most common source of carryover problems. True
the ability of the body to repair and maintain itself to achieve a 'steady state' defines.... homeostasis
a fistula is a(n) permanent fusion of an artery and vein.
which additive is usually present in a tube with a lavender stopper? EDTA
the word elements of the term 'polycythemia' means..... blood conditions of many cells
what is the first thing the phlebotomist should do in the event of an accidental needle stick? decontaminate the site and fill out an incident report.
what are the basic structurall components found inside the cells? centrioles
which of the following test may require special 'chain of custody' documentation when collected? drug screen
occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens can occu if which of the following happens while in the healthcare worker is performing his or her duties? -a human bite breaks the skin -blood comes in contact with a cut -body fluids splash into the mouth ALL OF THESE ARE CORRECT!
Which of the following is a disinfectant? sodium hypochlorite
this organization develops standards for specimen handling and processing. CSLI
True or False? Applying lip-balm in the lab is acceptable when an employee has chapped lips. False
Which test must be performed on whole blood? CBC
Capillary puncture blood most closely resembles....... arterial blood
True or False? in a routine ETS venipuncture, the red tube should be drawn before the green tube? true
the purpose of wiping away the first drop of blood dring the skin puncture is to ..... eliminate tissue fluid contamination
which of the folling terms means muscle pain? myalgia
capillary bilirubin specimens should be protected from....... ligh
the avascular layer of the skin is the..... epidermis
What is the order of draw? Lt blue, Red, green, lavender, gray
Additive for Lt blue tube is ..... Na (sodium) and Cit (Citrate)
Additive for Red- tiger or gold top tube is.... SST, Gel
Additive for green top tube is..... heparin
Additive for lavender top tube is...... EDTA
Additive for gray top tube is........ Na (sodium) and FL (floride)
Created by: keshia28
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