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Pharm. chapter 13

gynecologic & Obstetric Drugs

Infertility means the inability to produce offspring AKA sterility.
Medications used to treat infertility are called ovulation stimulating drugs AKA fertility drugs.
ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Fertility drugs mimic the effect of FSH ( Follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone).
Fertility drugs include: 1. Clomid. 2. Repronex. 3. Profasi or Pregnyl AKA human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)>
A medication used to "treat premature labor" is terbutaline (Brethine bronchodilator).
A medication used to induce labor is Pitocin (Pitdrip) AKA oxytocin. Oxytocin causes the uterus to contract.
Pitocin (Pitdrip) AKA oxytocin -class induce labor
terbutaline (Brethine) -class 1. Treat premature labor 2. Bronchodilator
Ergotrate -class treat postpartum bleeding (stimulate the uterus to contract)
Methergine -class treat postpartum bleeding (stimulate the uterus to contract)
Contraception means against conception (fertilization).
Oral medications designed to interfere with conception are called OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills AKA BCPs (Birth Control Pills) or “the pill”
OCPs (Oral Contraceptive Pills) are commonly a combination of estrogen and progestin (progesterone)
YAZ, YASMIN 28, and Beyaz -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Trinessa -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Loestrin 24 Fe -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills) ("Fe/iron supplement)
Ocella -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Aviane -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Kariva -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Ortho-Novum -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Ovcon -class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
Seasonique (4/menses per year)-class OCPs (Oral contraceptive Pills) (BCPs birth control pills)
OCPs containing 30 mcg (micrograms) of estrogen do not cause the risk of being linked with lupus erythematosus (red rash)
OCPs containing 50ug (micrograms) of estrogen has been linked with a higher incidence of lupus erythematosus (red rash)
Antagonists to OCPs include antibiotics and St. John’s wort (herbal supplemen taken for depression).
NuvaRing is a -class once a month vaginally inserted estrogen and progestin contraceptive that is left in for 3 weeks of every month.
Depo-Sub Q Provera (q 3months) -class Progestin only contraceptive
Ovrette (OCPs oral contraceptive pills) -class Progestin only contraceptive
Progestasert (1 year IUD intra-uterine device) -class Progestin only contraceptive
Mirena (5 year IUD intra-uterine device) -class Progestin only contraceptive
Progestin only contraceptives are slightly less effective in preventing pregnancy.
To be effective, progestin only OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) must be taken every day and at the same time each day.
Paragard is a (no hormones) -class Cu (copper) based contraceptive IUD (intra-uterine device). and an emergency contraceptive
Paragard prompts the release of WBCs ( leukocytes, white blood cells) and prostaglandins from the endometrium (inner lining of the uterus).
These (with Paragard) leukocytes (WBCs white blood cells) and prostaglandins are hostile towards spermatozoa (sperm) and ova (eggs).
Paragard is also an emergency contraceptive if inserted within 3-5 days after unprotected intercourse (coitus or copulation).
menopause cessation of menstruation due to hormone ( estrogen) insufficiency.
Signs and symptoms associated with menopause include: 1. Dyspareunia ( painful intercourse, coitus, copulation) 2. Hot flashes. 3. Mood swings. 4. Insomnia (difficulty sleeping). 5. Fatigue. 6. Xeroderma (dry skin).
Medications commonly prescribed to relieve the signs and symptoms of menopause are called ERT (estrogen replacement therapy) ERT is AKA HRT (hormone replacement therapy)
Diseases associated with menopause include: 1. OP (osteoporosis). 2. AD (Alzheimer’s disease). 3. Macular degeneration (loss of vision) 4. Tooth loss.
ERT (estrogen replacement therapy) or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) includes: 1. Premarin(pregnant mare’s urine) 2. Prempro. 3. Femhrt.
Adverse effects of estrogen OCPs (oral contraceptive pills) and ERT (estrogen replacement therapy) include: 1. Thrombus formation which increases risk of MI(myocardial infarction)& CVA (cerebral vascular accident) especially in smokers and over age 35 2. Increases risk of breast malignancy.
Progestin only contraceptives do not increase the risk of thrombus (clot) formation.
A medication prescribed to induce an abortion is Mifeprex.
Mifeprex -class induce an abortion
Oral medications prescribed after unprotected intercourse to prevent pregnancy include: 1. Preven (estrogen & progestin) 2. Plan B (progestin). commonly referred to as the "morning after pill"
magnesium ("mag") sulfate (MgSoO4) -class prevent sizures associated with eclampsia(toxemia)
The second child of an Rh+ father and a Rh- mother can be afflicted en utero with a condition called EF (erythroblastosis fetalis) AKA Rh incompatibility disease.
EF occurs when a Rh- mothers immune system perceives a Rh+ fetus as foreign and attacks the fetal erythrocytes (RBCs /red blood cells).
RhoGAM -class a medication prescribed to "prevent erythroblastosis fetalis(EF) AKA Rh incompatibility disease"
Medications contraindicated during breast feeding include: 1. ASA (aspirin). 2. Antitussive (cough suppressant) medications with ETOH (alcohol). 3. Antihistamines except non-drowsy Claritin or Alavert (loratadine)
PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a group of symptoms that start 1 to 2 weeks before menstruation (menses) and usually cease (stop) with the onset of menses (menstruation).
Signs and symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) include: 1. Dysmenorrhea (painful menses). 2. Breast tenderness. 3. Fluid retention (“bloating”). 4. Mood changes.
Medications used to "treat PMS" include: 1. Midol. 2. Pamprin. 3. Premsyn.
PMDD (prementrual dysphoric disorder) is a severe form of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
Signs and symptoms of PMDD (premenstrual dyphoric disorder) include: 1. Depression. 2. Anxiety. 3. Sleep disturbances.
Midol -class treat PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
Pamprin -class treat PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
Premysn -class treat PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
The signs and symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) are severe enough to interfere with work, social activities, and relationships.
Medications used to "treat PMDD" include: 1. Xanax (sedative). 2. Zoloft (anti-depressant). 3. YAZ (OCP, oral contraceptive pills) YAZ is also used to "treat chronic acne".
Xanax -class 1. treat PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) 2. sedative
Zoloft -class 1. treat PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) 2. anti-depressant
YAZ -class 1. treat PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) 2. treat chronic acne 3. OCP (oral contraceptive pills)
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