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Mormonism Terms Quiz

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Formed in 1850, formed as an alternative to Brigham Young and the Utah Mormon, formed under Joseph Smith's son. Named so because Mormons think of themselves as modern day saints.
Joseph Smith, Jr. The prophet and founder of Mormonisms
First Vision In 1820, Joseph Smith goes out to pray in the woods and sees God and Jesus. They tell him that all of the religions are wrong, the preachers are all corrupt, and he should join none of them.
Moroni Son of the Book of Mormon character, Mormon. In 1823, the angel appeared to Smith and delivered the records (i.e., gold plates) of ancient America (600 B.C. to A.D. 421) to him. Smith translated the gold plates in 1827 and thus in 1830 the Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon Translated off of the golden plates by Joseph Smith. It contains the story of a group of Jews led by a man named Lehi who left Israel and sailed to the American continent around 600 B.C. with, among others, his sons Nephi and Laman. The book records the w
Mormon (the prophet) the ancient Nephite prophet who abridged and compiled the records of his people known today as The Book of Mormon.
Doctrine and Covenants A collection of revelations given to Joseph Smith by God.
Testimony A recitation of perceived truths that Mormons have received from revelation.
City of Zion the gathering place of the tribe of Ephraim before Christ’s second coming
Independence, Missouri Where Joseph Smith believed Zion was to be located
Nauvoo, Illinois his city became the headquarters of the Mormon Church until Joseph Smith's death in 1844.
Tithe A tenth of one's income, which is given to the church. It is required for those desiring to enter the temple.
Investigators A person who is being visited by the Mormon missionaries and is considering the LDS religion.
Aaronic Priesthood The lesser of the two LDS priesthoods. To be ordained to this office of Priesthood the worthy male (women are excluded) must be 12 years of age. There are three offices within this Priesthood: age 12, Deacon; age 14, Teacher; age 16, Priest. The function
Melchizedek Priesthood The higher of the two LDS priesthoods. Without this Priesthood, exaltation (i.e., becoming a God) cannot be attained nor can any male enter into the LDS temple (except worthy Priest of the Aaronic Priesthood may enter, only to perform Baptisms). The worth
President of the High or Melchizedek Priesthood (aka "The Prophet") The President of the LDS church. Endowed with all of the "keys of the priesthood." He has the key of revelation for the entire congregation, applicable to everyone underneath him.
First Presidency Consists of the Prophet/President and his two counselors.
Quorum of Twelve Apostles The second-highest governing body in the church.
Council of Seventy The third-highest governing body in the church.
Bishop Non-paid leader of a local Mormon ward.
Ward Local Mormon congregations made up of members from a particular geographic location, usually consisting of between 200-500 members. Three or more wards make up a stake.
Sacrament Communion with bread and water.
Temple Special buildings where members deemed worthy get married and participate in ordinances, including work on behalf of the dead.
Endowment Ceremony Ceremony in a Mormon temple in which the temple patron learns about creation, the garden of Eden, and the telestial and terrestrial worlds.
Holy Garments Sacred underwear worn by faithful temple Mormons. Provide a reminder of the covenants made in the temple.
Recommend Required to enter a Mormon temple, signed by the Bishop and stake president.
Baptism Required for the remission of sins. Performed by immersion and valid only if administered by a Mormon male holding priesthood authority.
The Pearl of Great Price Mormon scripture that contains books such as the Book of Abraham, Joseph Smith's retranslation from the gospel of Matthew, and Joseph Smith's history.
Telestial Kingdom The lowest kingdom of glory achieved after death, reserved for the sinners.
Terrestrial Kingdom The middle kingdom of glory to which honorable non-Mormons are assigned after death.
Celestial Kingdom The highest kingdom of glory in the LDS concept of heaven, available only to Mormons who exhibited complete obedience to LDS laws and ordinances during their entire lifetimes. This is the only kingdom of glory where one may enjoy the presence of Heavenly
Covenants Two-way promises made by members with God in baptism/confirmation, the weekly sacrament, temple endowment, and temple marraige (sealing), all of which are vital for exaltation. When the member keeps the promises, God keeps His promise of blessing; when th
Brigham Young The second president of Mormonism, founded Salt Lake City
24th of July commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847 after being forced from Nauvoo.
Plural Marriage A doctrine practiced in the LDS Church from the 1830s until 1890 in which men were encouraged to have multiple wives in order to receive greater blessings in eternity.The revelation which teaches it is found in the Doctrine and Covenants.
The Manifesto A declaration signed by fourth LDS President Wilford Woodruff in 1890, officially promising the abolition of the practice of polygamy. This was in response to allegations that Mormon leaders were still teaching and encouraging the practice of plural marri
Sealed/Sealing Those ordinances performed in the LDS temple whereby husbands and wives are "sealed" together in the marriage union for time and eternity. To become a God the man has to be married and sealed in the LDS Temple.
Celestial Marriage/Eternal Marriage Marriage lasts for eternity, even after death and into the afterlife. The children that result from the marriage are also sealed to the family forever.
The Principle polygamy - referred to as this by the fundamentalist Mormons
Fundamentalists A very small percent of Mormons that do not follow the LDS and still practice plural marriage and the practices established under Brigham Young
Word of Wisdom A Mormon health law found in Doctrine & Covenants which tells Mormons to abstain from hot drinks (interpreted as coffee and tea), tobacco, excessive amounts of meat, and alcoholic beverages
Seminary Daily classes teaching the basics of the Mormon faith to young people.
Family Home Evenings A once-a-week gathering for families, typically on Monday nights, meant for strengthening relationships, reading church materials, and having fun.
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