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Chp 9 White B QA

what was the main idea in the first case study the condtions of poor women overburrned with childern are one of the factors holding back economic development in S. Asia
what are the three factors development is based on economic, social, and demoraphic
what are the four factors that help indicate Economic development types of jobs, gross domestic per capita, productivity, and counsumer goods
what are the 3 factors that indicate socal development education and literacy and health and wealthfare
what are the 4 factors that indicate demographic development life expectancy infant moratilty rate natural increase rate and crude birth rate
what id the highest HDI 1.0
who has the higest HDI and who has the lowest norways and niger
how do they get the Gross domestic value they dived the GDP by the amount of people in the country only measures the arveage
what are the 3 groups jobs are divied into primary,secoundary and tertiary
example of primary agriculture jobs like farmers
example of secoundary manufacturers
example of territary services
what had GDP calculated in MDC and LDC for primary lower in LDC higer in MDC
What had the GDP caluclated in MDC and LDC for secoundary decrease in MDC less in LDC
What had the gdp calculated in MDC and LDC for Territary MDC and LDC coutinues to increase
how is productitivy measured by the value added per capita
who produces more with out more labor MDC
What are counsumer goods anything people can buy nessecittes and part of the wealth made in a country
what has technology done with LDC and MDC reduced the gap between each other
why have cell phones increased in LDC the dont require the costly land lines only a tower
where does some of MDC wealth go to education, health
if countries are high in development what does that mean about its edu they have a higher level of edu and literacy
what are the literacy rates in MDC and LDC 98% in MDC less than 60 % in LDC
Who recevies more calories between LDC and MDC MDC are healthier
how is welfare used in MDC taken from wealth and protect poor people
In what part of the world has the highesr level of public assistance NW europe denmark norway
Who lives longer people in MDC Females live longer
who has a higer rate of older people MDC
what are the NIR in LDC and MDC 1.5 in LDC .2 in MDC A greater NIR harder to support the people
what are the crude birth rates in LDC and MDC 23 per 1000 in LDC 12 per 1000 in MDC
Why do we not use CDR Ldc have alower CDR because of MDC supplying them with medical tech
describe the HDI in North america high GDP and literacy rate than edu and life expectancy, Worlds largest food exporter, provides entertaiment, used to be leading etal manufactuer
Describe Europe HDI Cold war breaking up made them closer largest and richest market, EU made HDI lower dependent on trade
Describe Russian HDI Under communist everything was planned after the left communist turned to market economy standard living changed
Describe Japan HDI Development is so remarakable because they have more ppl than resources but depend on manufavcturing with skilled ppl
Describe Latin America HDI Highest level of development is found on the coast
Describe East Asia HDI not developing because middle managment is weak quality contorl is minimal banking is small and is strainging resources
Describe SW Asia and N Africa oil is the main economic asset have a low status of women trying to keep culture ways causing internal disputes
Describe SE Asia low because of limited resources from geography
Describe South Asia more ppl than resourses hard to develope india is biggest economy provider
Describe Sub Sahara Africa High proverty low health and edu
what does walmart show globalazation and distan decay
where did walmart spreadf started in arkansa spread to the south then to everywhere
how is the gender related development index measured with the same factors used for HDI
What are the factors for gender related development economic- per captia female income vs male social- # of females in school compared to males \ Demographic- life expectancy of females vs males
What does the GDI do if the gap between the sexes are to wide penalize a country if equal GDI equals 1.0
what factors are used to measure gender empowerment economic- female income vs male income and professional jobs women do political- indicators % of adminstrative jobs held by women vs members of the national earliment who are women
Is GEM or GDI higher GEM in very country
what are the 2 obstacles LDC face for development adopting policies that promote development and findinf funds for development
what are the 2 ways to promote development slef sufficiency or international trade
describe self sufficiency done through balance of power, protect small companys, set barriers that limit impory and trade
what model do countries go by through international trade rostows development
what is rostows development ( first 3) 1.Trading society- has not developed yet many workers in primary money goes to gov and religion 2.Preconditions of take off- a group under influence innovate economic activites increase productivity 3. Take off- rapid growth in limited eco. activites
Rostows ( 4-5) 4.The drive to maturity- modern tech. diffuse of industry expierence rapid growth workers are skilled 5. Age of mass consuption-economy shifts to consumer goods
what are the two factors the model i based of if joining countries can become more devloped following the model others can too and LDC contain raw materials needed by MDC
who are the 4 dragons south korea taiwan singapore and hong cong
describe the four dragons didnt have no natural resources but combined and promoted development with manufactured goods low cost labor
where does the arabian peninsula get there money from driling
why was thw WTO made to promote international trade
what did the WTO do ? 1. made reductions in international trade restrictions 2. enforcing agreements
where does FDI usally invest in MDC 1/4 goes to LDC ( china gets most, sub sahara gets least )
where do funds come from as loans from the bank pr direct investments from transnational corporations
what are the world banks International Bank for recounstruction and development- reform insitutions International development Association- support poor countries to qalify for IBRD
what is IMF provides loans provides loans to countries with international trade probs
what do structural adjusments programs do add strings attached to loans to make sure they get there money back
what does Fair trade do sell products that help both consumer and producer
what practices are being used to protect producers by giving credit lowering, raw material cost and mantain high and fair prices on their products
what practices are being used to protect counsumers protection of workers rights, mim=nmual wage
Created by: BB2424
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