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Nationalism Vargo

Nationalism/Revoulution Review

He led the Zionist Movement Theodor Herzl
This was held in New York in 1942 to establish a new Jewish State after WWII Zionist Conference
Established a national homland for the Jewish people in Palestine Balfour Declaration
Firs Prime Minister of Isreal David Ben-Gurion
In 1948 British Mandated that Palestine give land to Israel
379 unarmed demonstrators were killed protesting British forced conscription and heavy war taxes Amritmar Massacre
Abolished the British East India Company Sepoy Rebellion
Gandhi let this 240 mile march to the sea to protest British tax on salt Salt March
"Great Soul" who lead the Indian Independence Movement Manatma Gandhi
American writer who wrote about Civil Disobedience Henry David Courou
The Last Viceroy in India Lord Mountbatten
First President of India Jawaharlal Nehru
Govenment sponsor of racism where white minority controled the black majority Apartheid
First Black man to be President of South Africa Nelson Mandela
Free Mandela from prision DeKlerk
This Anglican Archbishop opposed apartheid Desmond Tutu
Father/founder of Chinese Nationalist Party Sun Yat-Sen
Served as First President of China Sun Yixian
He battled against Chinese Communist and took over Guomindang Jiang Jieshi
Led the Long March over 6000 miles and planted seeds of Red China AKA Red Bandits Mao Zendong
Japan provoked war by blowing up RR tracks Manchurian Incident
He fleed to Taiwan (Formosa) with followers after Moa won Chiang Kia-Shek
1828 international agreement which states promised not to use war to solve disputed and conflicts Kellogg-Briand Pact
Nigh clubs in the 1920s Speakeasies
Federal agent who led the Untouchables Elliot Ness
Nickname Scarface & led notorious Chicago crime family Al Capone
Secretary of Interior behind the Teapot Dome Scandal Albert B. Fall
This established the Prohibition Bureau Volstead Act
Played at the Cotton Club Duke Ellington
Famous Jazz trumpet player known as Satchmo Louis Armstrong
Empress of the Blues Bessie Smith
Famos Dance in the 1920s The Charleston
Developed Birth Control Clinic Margaret Sanger
Head Coach and Innovator at Notre Dame Knute Rockne
Built Yankee Stadium Babe Ruth
First Woman to swim the English Channel Gertrude Ederle
Flew solo flight across the Atlantic in Spirit of St.Louis in 1927 Chales Lindbergh
Cartoon Steamboat Willie Walt Disney
Towns along river built of shacks Hoovervilles (Shantytowns)
This gave men hope and pride The New Deal
FDR radio talkes Fireside Chats
The Radio Priest Charles Coughlin
Share the wealth program Huey Long (Kingfish)
Limitation and Disassmbly of Navies of US,France, G.B, Italy, Japan Washington Naval Disaarmament Conference
Known for his mass-energy formula E=mc² Received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics Albert Einstein
She did pioneering research on radioactivity and the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and did or radiation poisoning in 1934 Marie Curie
Spanish surrealist painter who painted The Persistence of Memory Salvador Dali
Spanish painter, sculptor, and stage designer. Co founding of the Cubist movement Painted Guernica Pablo Picasso
Young women who did not follow moral standards Flappers
Economic programs knows as the 3Rs Relief, Recovery, and Reform New Deal
line of concrete fortificatins along the French Boarders Maginot Line
This group waged war against British rule IRA
Led Japan to the worlds second largest economy Hirohito
Mass murder and looting of hundreds of thousands of unarmed chinese civilians Rape of Nanking
First Prime Miniter and President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta
Prominet Mexican Painter Diego Rivera
President who issued Good Neighbor Policy & New Deal Franklin Roosevelt
Indian tenent framer who lead a peasant revolt. Land of Liberty Rebel leader "tierra y liberdad" Emilano Zapata
Won over loyalty of his peasant followers Norther Mexico's "Frito Bandito" Pancho Villa
Nickname "The Jackal" Victoriano Huerta
First leader of Communist China: wrote Little Red Bood Moa Tse-Tung
Mexican President; replaced Huerta: issued Constitution in 1917 Venustiano Carranza
Longtime Mexican President forced out in 1911 Porfirio Diaz
President who instituted "Return to Normalcy" Warren Harding
Egyptian leader; nationalized the Suez Canal & provoked the 6 day war Gamal Nasser
Head of El Fatah who became the PLO chairman in 1969 Yasser Arafat
During the Great Depression, Shantytowns were named for him Herbert Hoover
President of Egypt who signed the Camp David accords in 1981 Anwar Sadat
Tennessee teacher convicted in the "Monkey Trial" in 1925 John T. Scopes
Austrian physician known as the "father of psychoanalysis" Sigmund Freud
German immigrant who developed the Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein
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