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word components

common prefixes

a(n)- absence,without (anuria (lack of urine output)
ab- away from (abduct-move away from)
ad- toward (adduct (move toward)
ambi- both sides (ambidextrous (using both hands)
ante- before,forward (anterior (front of body)
anti- against (antibody (immune response to an organism)
apo- away from (apophysis (growth or protuberance)
aut(o)- self (autoanalysis (self analysis)
bi- two (bigeminy (occurring in pairs)
diplo- double (diplopia (double vision)
dys- difficult,painful (dysuria (painful urination)
ec- out of (ectopic (out of place)
end(o)- inward (endoscope (a device used to examine a body cavity)
eu- normal,health (euthyroid (normal thyroid function)
ex- outside (exfoliation (peeling of layers)
hetero- other,different (heterogeneous (different characteristics)
hypercholesterolemia- above,beyond (hypernatremia (excess sodium)
infra- beneath (infra-axillary(below the axilla)
intra- within,into (intramuscular (into the muscle)
juxta- near (juxta-articular (near a joint
macr(o)- large,long (macromastia (excessive breast size)
mal- bad,abnormal (malformation (abnormally formed)
mega- great,large (megacolon (enlarged colon)
meta- beyond,change (metaphase (2nd stage of cell division)
micr(o)- small (microbe (tiny organism)
mono- one (monochromatic (having only one color)
morph(o)- shape (morphology (study of the form and structure of organisms
multi- many (multifocal (arising from many locations)
olig(o)- few,little (oliguria (too little urine)
par(a)- near,beside,accessory to (paracentesis (puncture of a cavity for aspiration of fluid)
peri- around (pericecal (around the cecum)
pico- one-trillionth (picornavirus (extremely small RNA virus)
poly- much,many (polydipsia (excessive thirst)
post- behind,after (postoperative (after surgery)
pre- before, in front of (preanesthesia (before anesthetic is given)
pro- favoring,supporting,substituting for,in front of (procoagulant (promotes coagulation)
pseudo- false (pseudocyst (a cavity resembling a true cyst)
re- back,contrary (recurrent fever (fever that returns after a remission)
retr(o)- backward (retroauricular (behind the auricle)
semi- half (semiflexion (position of a limb midway between extension and flexion)
sub- under (subclinical (without symptoms)
super- above (supercilia (the eyebrow)
supra above,upon (supraorbital (above the orbit)
tetra- four (tetralogy (group of four)
trans- across,through (transdermal (entering through the skin)
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