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Chinese philosophies

ch 10 philosophies

An administrative service of a government where government workers are chosen on the basis of competitive tests Civil Service
The belief that the Chinese king's right to rule came from the gods. Mandate of Heaven
Responsibility children have to respect, obey and care for their parents. Filial piety
This philosophy was introduced by Hanfeizi Legalism
This philosophy believed they needed to free themselves from worldly desires and live in favor of nature Daoism
Thus philosophy began with the ideas of Laozi. Daoism
Followers of Confucianism wrote down his sayings in a work called the ______. Analects
What was the goal of the three philosophies? To create a well-run, peaceful society
Name the three major Chinese philosophies. Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism
This philosophy was supported by aristocrats because it did not require rulers to consider the wishes of their people Legalism
Which philosophy said that it is the spiritual force that guides all things? Daoism
This philosophy believed that peace would come to China if people would follow the beliefs of their ancestors. Confucianism
Which philosophy believed that people were evil and needed harsh laws and strict punishments? Legalism
Which philosophy believed people have the duty to put their family and community above their own needs? Confucianism
Which philosophy emphasized force? Legalism
This philosophy believed that people should live in harmony with nature. Daoism
This social class were held to high standards because they contributed to all member of the society. Farmers
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