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Theo IV Quarter 3

Virtue A good habit
Vice A bad habit
Faith Knowledge of God that is unseen. Belief in God and His truths because you trust Him.
Sin against faith Atheism, denying God's very existence.
Hope Relying on God's mercy to get you to heaven and to have a happy life on earth.
Two sins against hope 1. Despair, doubting God's mercy (that He won't forgive you sins) 2. Presumption, doubting God's justice (that He'll do all the work to get you to Heaven)
Charity/Love Loving God and neighbor only for God's sake, no other reason is needed.
Supernatural Powers Any power that is naturally beyond human ability, like flying, talking to the dead, seeing the future, etc.
The only two sources of supernatural powers... ...are either God (for good) or the devil (for evil).
What is the First Commandment? Thou shall not have any other gods before me. Or, Love God above all else.
What is the Second Commandment? Thou shall not take the Lord's name is vain.
What is blasphemy? Speaking with disrespect for God, Mary, the Church, or the saints. Or calling yourself or someone else the one, true God.
What is the Fourth Commandment? Honor your mother and father.
The two extreme styles of parenting/discipline 1. Authoritative, too controlling, doesn't allow child to grow into their own person 2. Pushover, too worried about being friends, doesn't disciple child at all
Balanced approach to parenting Discipline the child when they make mistakes but give them enough freedom to grow and develop into their own person, always with love and support.
Principle of Subsidiarity Higher authorities (like state and government) must not interfere with lower authorities (like family and communities) except when it is really necessary!
What is the most important building block of society? The family! All other groups (city, state, country) exist only for the benefit of the family.
What is the Fifth Commandment? Thou shall not murder. Or, respect life.
What is Self-Defense? Defending your own life or that of others against an unjust aggressor (like a bully).
Just War Theory War is never good, but it is possible for war to be just. If it is done in self-defense, as a last resort, with proportionality, and with a probability of success.
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