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Unit 10

Sugery, Diabetes, Immunology, Lesions, & Prefixes of Numbers & Direction

abduction movement away from the midline
aberrant wandering away from the norm
ablactation weaning a baby from the breast
ablation takes away a layer or destroys a tissue layer
abnormal unusual (not normal)
aboral away from the mouth
abortion termination of pregnancy
abrasion scraping
adduction movement toward the midline
aerophilia attraction to air
anhidrosis absence of sweating
anisocytosis cells of unequal size
anisomastia breats of unequal size
autodermic plastic surgery and grafting using one's own skin
autodiagnosis diagnosing one's self
autogenous made by or one's own tissue (adj.)
autograft graft of tissue from one's own body
autohemotherapy transfusion with one's own blood
autoimmunity reaction of immune response to one's own tissue
autologous originating from one's self
autonomic self-controlling part of the nervous system (adj)
autophagia biting one's self
autophilia attraction to one's self
autophobia abnormal fear of one's self, being alone
autopsy necropsy, postmortem examination, exam to confirm cuase of death
centigram one hundredth of a gram
centimeter one hundredth of a meter
cholangio-pancreatography x-ray of bile ducts and pancreatic ducts using contrast medium
circumduction moving as to describe a circle with a body part
circumocular encircling the eye
circumscribed encircling or in the shape of a circle
cytoplasm substance within the cell
decagram ten grams
decalcification calcium loss (from bone)
decaliter ten liters
deciduous falls down (primary teeth that come out)
decigram one tenth of a gram
deciliter one tenth of a liter
dehydration water loss
descending moving downward
diaphoresis (hyperhidrosis) profuse sweating
diathermy heat through tissues
diuresis increase in urine output
diuretic agent that causes diuresis
epilepsy disorder characterized by seizures
excision removing a body part
excretion removal of waste (urination, defecation)
exhale breathe out (expire)
extension to straighten or lengthen a body part
extraction removal of pulling out of a body part
flexion to shorten or bend a body part
glycogenesis formation of glycogen or sugar
glycohemoglobin hemoglobin with attached glucose
hematophilia attraction to blood
hidrosis condition of sweating
hydrophilia attraction to water
hydrophobia fear of water (symptom of rabies)
hyperpyrexia high fever
hyperglycemia high blood glucose level
hypoglycemia low blood glucose level
immuno-deficiency deficient (poor) immune system
immunotherapy vaccination, immunization
isocellular equal size cells
isodactylism digits the same length
isometric measures the same on all sides
isotonic osmotic pressure equal to the inside of a cell
laparoscopy examination of the abdonmen with a scope
laparotomy incision into the abdomen
mastectomy excision of breast tissue
mastocarcinoma breast cancer
milligram one thousandth of a gram
millimeter one thousandth of a meter
monocyte one cell (type of leukocyte)
monocytosis increase in the number of monocytes
monoma a single tumor
monomyplegia paralysis of one muscle
mononeural involving one nerve
mononuclear having one nucleus
mononucleosis viral infection causing monocytosis
multicapsular having more than one capsule (adj)
multicellular having or involving many cells (adj)
multiglandular having or involving many glands (adj)
multinuclear a cell haing more than one nucleus (adj)
multipara having many live births (born in third trimester)
necrectomy excision of dead tissue
necrocytosis condition of cell death or decomposition
necroparasite organism that lives off dead tissue
necrophobia abnormal fear fo dead bodies
necrotic pertaining to necrosis (condition of dead tissue)
necrotomy incision into dead tissue
nocturnal enuresis bedwetting
nullipara haing no prenancies carried to the thrid trimester
omphalotomy incision into the navel
percussion striking or tapping
percutaneous through the skin
perforation puncturing
perfusion supplying blood to tissue
periarticular area surrounding a joint
pericardiectomy excision of the membrane around the heart
pericolic area surrounding the colon
perihepatitis inflammation around the liver
peritonsillar area surrounding the tonsils
postmortem after death
primigravida first pregnancy
primipara first live birth
pyrexia fever
pyrolysis destruction of tissue caused by fever
pyromania compulsion (madness) for setting fires
pyrometer thermometer
pyrophilia attraction to fire
pyrophobia abnormal fear of fire
pyrosis heartburn
pyrotoxin poisonous by-product of metabolism created during fever
transluminal across the lumen
vaccination immunization
vaccine substance used to stimulate an immune response for immunization
anhidrosis absence of sweat
parity quality of having given birth
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