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Ancient China Review

loess a fine, yellow soil found in China that is easily carried by wind and rain
steppe a dry, grassy treeless plain found in Asia and Eastern Europe.
dynasty a line of rulers who belonged to the same family
Mandate of Heaven the belief that the Chinese emperors right to rule came from the gods
Daoism Dao means "the way" teaching of Lao Zi. Lao Zi believed that nature should guide people in their lives. Lao Zi did not believe that worldly riches and high officers were important.
Confucius one of the most famous Chinese philosophers
Lao Zi Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism
Emperor a supreme ruler of an empire or group of states under one government
legalism a philosopher of strict government in China in which citizens were encouraged to serve the needs of the state
Shihuangdi Chinese emperor who unified China and founded the Qin dynasty
Liu Pang founder of the Han Dynasty. Used the "Mandate of Heaven" to justify his rule.
Confucianism a system of beliefs and behaviors in China that are based on the teachings of Confucius, who said that people should lead good lives by studying ancient traditions and stressed the importance of respecting one's family and ancestors
The Huang He is also known as..... China's River of Sorrow
What did China's geography do to help them? It helped them stay protected by creating natural barriers.
Paper was invented during which dynasty? Han Dynasty
What did the Chinese do to protect themselves on the borders not naturally protected? Built the Great Wall of China
Kublai Khan This was a descendant of the first Khan ruler over China.
Genghis Khan warrior leader who united the Mongol clans and was the first non-Chinese to rule over China
Marco Polo European traveler to China and helped spread Chinese ideas to Europe
Han Wudi wanted to end the practice of giving government jobs to family members of the ruler so he started a civil service
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