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Lent Season

How many Liturgical Seasons are there? 5
What is this Holy Season(Lent) an invitation for us to do? to renew our baptismal call
What is the Germanic meaning of Lent? spring season
What's the Latin equivalent of Lent? 40 days
What is the spring season a time of? change and renewal
When does Lent begin? On Ash Wednesday
Are Catholics the only faith that celebrates Lent? No, many more Christian faiths do
About how many Catholics receive ashes every year? 1 billion
Why is it called Ash Wednesday? Because on this day we are marked with ashes as a sign of conversion and penance
Where do the ashes come from? left over palms from Palm Sunday last year
What are Sacramentals? Things that remind us of our faith
What are ashes a symbol of? repentance and conversion
What are the phrases used to impose the ashes? "Turn away from sin and remain faithful to the gospel" and "You are dust and into dust you shall return"
What 4 things do these phrases mean? Repentance, penance, reconciliation, and discipleship
What's Penance? making ammends
What are amends? Making up for what we've done wrong
What is Lent an opportunity to do? to clean up the inner mess and fix our lives
What are the 3 pillars of Lent? Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving
What's the difference between fasting and dieting? Fasting is an expression of wholeheartedness and penance, and dieting is just something we do for cosmetic or health related reasons
What is a day of Abstinence? a day that we don't eat meat
How old do you have to be to follow the rule of Abstinence? 14 years old
How can we improve our prayer life during Lent? Increase prayer, and the quality of our prayer experience
What's Almsgiving Charity is love in action
What's charity? a way to reach out to those in need
What do the ashes remind us of? That we are called to die to sin and return to God wholeheartedly
How long is the season of Lent? 40 days not counting Sundays
What's discipleship? The process of learning to be a disciple
What does the word disciple mean? "student"
What are some ways we learn to be like Christ? study and follow Christs' teachings, and let His teachings effect us
What's the color of Lent? the liturgical color of Lent is Purple
What is purple a symbol of? penance
What story is always read the first Sunday of Lent? the story of Jesus being tempted by the Devil in the desert
What are the 3 temptations? pleasure, power, popularity
Why are Sundays during the Lenten season not counted? Because Sunday is the day of resurrection
What's the climax of Lent? Holy Week
When does Holy Week begin and end? It starts on Palm Sunday and ends with the Holy Triddum
What does Triddum mean? this means 3 days. Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday
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