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Protestant Reform

[Protestant Reformation: WHII SOL (LHS)] Broome

developed the printing press Gutenberg
Protestant reformer; believed in predestination John Calvin
First protestant reformer; 95 theses Martin Luther
What is the Protestant Reformation? Roman Catholic Church MAIN Catholic Church, Had A LOT of power and no one to compete for it, People began to question the Chruch and move away from it and started NEW Christian churches
What were Erasmus's Ideas? Thought people should live good lives and follow Christ...BUT all the ceremonies of religion (fasting, pilgrimages) were silly
Did Erasmus break away from the Church? No, but he did pave the way for other reformers.
Who wrote the "Praise of Folly"? Erasmus
What did the German and English nobility not like about the church? Its Italian domination
Where was the Roman Catholic Church based? Rome, Italy
What is usary? Practice of lending money to someone and charging a very high interest rate.
Who challenged the churches practice of usary? Merchants
The Church thought usary was ______. BAD
The Merchants thought usary was ______. GOOD, it made them rich
Due to the experiences with the Church, merchants became more _______ and less_______ religious. secular, religious
Church had a lot of _____ and _____. money, power
What is salvation? Acceptence into heaven
What are indulgences? pay money and get a certificate to get into heaven
German Monk and Professor Martin Luther
Believed in Salvation by Faith Martin Luther
Thought the Holy Bible to be the ULTIMATE authority for religious truth Martin Luther
"All people are equal in the eyes of God" Martin Luther
Nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Catholic Church Martin Luther
Attacked the sale of indulgences Martin Luther
Belived in predesintation John Calvin
Predestination God has lready decided who will be saved and who will be damned
You can tell if a person is the "elect" or saved because___________. Righteous Life (No Sins) and Good Work Ethic (Hard-working)
You can tell when a person is not saved (damned) because___________. They are sinners
Expanded Protestantism John Calvin
The FIRST Protestant religion Lutheranism
Followers were big in Switzerland John Calvin
Spread faith to France, the Netherlands and Scotland John Calvin
Grew bigger than Lutheranism Calvinism
Created the Anglican Church King Henry VIII
Wanted a divorce from his wife, Catherine of Aragon because she could not have a male heir. King Henry VIII
Who did King Henry VIII want as his second wife? Anne Boleyn
What religion was Queen Mary? Catholic
What religion was Queen Elizabeth I? Protestant
What did the Northern German Princes do? Converted to Protestantism
The royal family, the Hapsburgs, remained what religion? Catholic
The Thirty Years War was a wat between the __________ and the ____________. Protestants and Catholics
How did "Bloody Mary" get her name? Burned Protestants at the stake
What happend to King Henry VIII's only son? Died at 16
Who ended the bloodshed in England and united the British Isles under the Anglican Church? Queen Elizabeth I
The reformation was very good for what? The growth of capitalism
Who granted the Edict of Nantes? French Catholic King Henry IV
What was the Edict of Nantes? French Protestant (Hugouenots) could worship freely
Who changed the Thirty Years War from a religious war into a political war? Cardinal Richelieu
The Catholic Church's religious movement in defense of the faith was called what? Catholic Counter Reformation
Where did Catholic church officials meet to review their faith? Council of Trent
What is the other name for the "Society of Jesus"? The Jesuits
Whose responsibility was it to spread the Catholic faith through missions? The Jesuits
What group was established to set out and seek those who were heretics? The Inquisition
What does it mean to be a heretic? One who is against the teachings of the church
The Reformation led to the growth of that 3 things? Secularism, Individualism, Religious Tolerance
Who invented the printing press? Johannes Gutenberg
What languages was the Bible printed into? German, French and English
The printing press led to _______________. growth of books, literacy and cultural diffusion
Created by: TeacherBroome