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three doctrines of judaism monotheism, linear time (not cyclical), covenant (israel)
cosmic origins of judaism involves the...which starts with saying that... myth of creation...originally all is good until sin occurs
the problem with judaism is sin
sin causes disruption of the ideal order
cosmic origins of judaism also involves...such as with.. catastrophes...cain, noah, babel
cain and abel story cain kills abel bec he's jealous that God like able's sacrifice but cain recieves a mark of protection from God afterwards
noah portrays God's plan of redemption/restoration via the flood
babel was a very...that built... arrogant people...a tower to get to Heaven and thus be like God
Babel symbolizes how in our sin, we can't work together
patriarchs of judaism include abram/abraham, isaac and israel
abrahama is the founder of...and is from..but he... jewish covenant...ur...migrates west bec of divine covenant
abraham is termed..which means... hebrew...crosser overer/wanderer
hebrews had...which included... nomadic traits...altars
elohim is a divine, plural name for God
the divine covenant involved what three things land(migrate west of Ur), progeny(lots of descendents) and blessings (abraham and all people thru him will be blessed)
exodus means a way out
moses was from a family the... priests...1200s which was atime of experimental monotheism
pharoah issues the death moses is put in... first born males (hebrews)...a basket and floated down river to pharoah's daughter who takes him in and raises him
as an adult, moses...where he experiences... kills someone and flees...theophany
theophany is when moses experienced the buring bush that wasn't really burning
theophany: God revealed himself as YHWH (I am that I am)
after theophany, moses...and... moses returns to egypt to free the hebrews...pharoah won't allow it so 10 plagues occur
the 10th plague is associated with passover
the exodus involved crossing the red sea
during the exodus, moses received the...which were place dinside... 10 commandments...ark of the covenant
the ark of the covenant contains...and is also a... the documents...throne for the Holy Spirit
the social dimension of Judaism includes the confederation of the 12 tribes (canaan - promised land)
confederation means an independent agglomeration of tribes (decentralized)
in the Bible, who describes conquest into canaan joshua
which book describes a long inflitration into canaan judges
social categories of judaism judges, priests, prophets
judges come to power in times of emergency
priests only come from one tribe, but do sacrifices for all
prophets held people morally responsible
the confederation of 12 tribes comes a...known as... monarchy (1020-1000bc)...Israel
the first monarchy was led by Saul
the development of monarchy meant there were...and the prophets start in a... kings instead of... judges...great deal of tension
who reigned after saul...and what did he establish... david 1000-970...jerusalem but he does not build a temple
who reigned after david? and wht does he do solomon (970-930bc)...builds a Temple for the priests only
under solomon the nations split into northern and southern kingdoms
the northern kingdom is...and is made up of... israel...10 tribes without the Temple
the southern kingdom is...and includes... Judah...2 tribes with the Temple because jerusalem is there
in 721 bc what happened assyrian conquered israel
in 586 bc what happened babylonians conquered judah and destroyed the Temple
after the babylonians defeat judah, the people there get deported to babylon
diaspora means...and led to the term..which means.. scattering...jews...deported people of judah
during the diaspora, ...developed from... hellenism...alexander the great teaching greek culture everywhere he went
hellenism saw the development of...which is a... synogogue...greek word
synagogue means...but what can't occur here assembly...sacrifice
worship in synogogues depends on...and you must have... written scripture...10 men and a torah (written law)
rabbi means...and they took over the... my master/teacher...ethical duty of prophets
septuagint involved the...and the myth is that... jewish 250 bc in alexandria egypt, 70 rabbis met to translate the hebrew scriptures into greek and they all seperated, wrote and came backto find they all had identical translations
during the diaspora, the jews revolted in...twice... judea...66-70 ce and 132-135 ce
the jewish revolts were called..meaning that there will be a messianic....a King who will reestablish the kingdom
the revolt of 66-70 ce was the..agains thte... jews...Romans
the revolt of 132-135 was when jews were crushed by rome
the revolt of 66-70 developed the...which is a... tanakh...collection of scripture that is cannonized
T in tanakh stands for torah=law
N in tanakh stands for neviim(prophets)
kh in tanakh stands for khethuvim (writings/poems - psalms)
the revolt of 132-135 resulted in jews not being allowed to live in jerusalem any more
the mishnah was written in...and is a text meaning... 100s ce in galilee...repitition used for understanding jewish scripture
the mishnah was composed by...and used for... rabbis...synogogue communities
talmud was written in...which is not part of... 500 ce in babylon...rome but rahter persia
talmud is the mishnah plus gemora
at the time of the talmud, babylon was the cultural center for jews
the talmud is like an... onion with layers of commentary on the torah
talmud represented the community in a constant conversation
the talmud and mishnah are not scriptures
in 600 ce there was the rise of... islam in arabian peninsula
in 636 ce in...the...defeated... palestine..muslim epmire...the roman territory (palestine)
in 651 ce the persian empire is defeated by the muslim epmire
the muslims were relatively tolerant to jewish communities
the abbasid dynasty the 700s-mid800s was the... baghdad (right next to jerusalem)...golden age of scholarship according to jews
the jews then migrated spain..avoid tax
spain was...but it became the... world center for jewish culture
spain involved...who was the.. maimonides...representative of spanish judaism
maimonides meant guide to the perplexed
maimonides was the physician to the muslim sultan
the crusades happened from...and it was when... 1095-1096 (start)..the western christians felt they should help rome to restrict muslims
during the crusades, small jewish communities were looted and destroyed
relating the crusades to spain (there was no christian spain) involves the...which was when... iberian reconquista...muslim kingdom of spain gets defeated
as a result of the iberian reconquista, there is the unification of spanish principalities under regime
iberian reconquista gives jews two options get expelled from spain or convert to christianity
inquisition involved the religoius courts with juristiction over christians only
during the inquisition people could be tried with no defense
the inquisition gave rise to the kabbalah
kabbalah menas tradition
kabbalah is a...which would be... mystical text..the opp of talmud
kabbalah had features of...and involved... messinism...ritual incantations to promote security, peace and prosperity in themidst of chaos
kabbalah is...and the most famous part of it is the... numeral based...sefer ha zohar
sefer ha zohar means scroll of glory
two migrations during/after the inquisition included the sephardic judaism and ashkenazi
sephardic judaism migration from spain to ottoman empire
ashkenazi involved migrations throughout central/western europe
shabbatai zevi (tzvi) said he was the real messiah
shabbatai zevi marries...who says she... an egyptian jew named sarah...was destined to marry the messiah
shabbatai zevi goes to...and asks for... sultan...and empire for the jews
the sultan tells shabbataie zevi that he can either convert to islam or he converts
baal shem tov was a...who developed... polish rabbi...hasidism
hasidism believes there is hope in religious piety by following ethics/rityuals to trascend chaos)
who was the primary rabbi of the hasidic society tzaddik
tzaddik means great charisma/joy
during the 1700s the..occured where peopled believed there should be... european enlightenment...religious toleration, trial by jury and freedom from press, etc
a german rabbi named...developed a new era of... moses mendelssohn...hope/peace
mendelssohn came up with...such as tthat jews should not be... enlightened propositions...ghetto-ized but instead allowed to interact w/ society, speaking the lang of the people around them
captain...who was arrested for... alfred dreyfus...french jew/army soldier...being a spy for the germans/prussians but the only evidence is that he is a jew
captain alfred dreyfus' case demonstrates renunciation of enlightenment
theodor herzl shows how europeans are antisemitic/hypocritical by not treating jews faily
who is the father of...? theodor herzl is the father of zionism
zionism is a form of secular judaism
zionism stated that jews will never be treated fairly so they should have their own territory/political homeland in palestine
in 1917 there was the...named after... balfour declaration...foreign secretary named balfour
balfour declaration occured when palestine was under...and said jews can... british domination...immigrate into palestine
in 1939 there was a restriction of jewish immigration into palestine during WWII
holocaust is also called shoah
in 1947-1948 there was a...which resulted in... UN partition...british vacating and Israel being established
the isreal that is established as a result of the un partition is different from king David's
variations of modern judaism include orthodox, reform, conservative, reconstructionist and ultra orthodox
orthodox judaism adhered strictly to the... talmud and kosher foods (based on God's word
orthodox judaism revolved around...where men and women... gender relations...sit seperately during synogogue
orthodox jews believed worship should happen on...and their interpretation of through the talmud is not... saturday (sabbath)...non-scientific
language of worship for orthodox jews is hebrew
talmud is written in aramaic language
reform judaism happened a result of.. germany...moses mendelssohn
reform judaism is the jewish parallel to liberal protestantism
reform judaism involved using...and minimizing... vernacular (not hebrew)...reading of the talmud
reformers believed hebrew prayers should be... minimized also and spoken in the vernacular
to reformers, the talmud is ..and usually there are no... less important...dietary restriction
day of worship for reformers is...which is often called... friday evening at synogogue...temple
gender relations for reformers there is an emphasis on equality and anyone can be a rabbi, bar/bat mitzvahs
interpreation of talmud for reformers is scientific
conservative jews are found mainly in...and they are a... nyc..happy middle between orthodox and reform
conservatives still eat...and have a... kosher foods...scientific interpretation
reconstructionists emerged from...and there is an emphasis for them on.. conservatives...cultural identity
reconstructionists could be atheist reconstructionists
reconstructionists support israel
ultra orthodox are also called...and want to exist... complete isolation from everyone who isn't one of them
ultra orthodox jews emphasize...which is... conversion..unique..but you must already be jewish
ritual events for judaism include bar/bat mitzvahs,, sabbath, rosh hashanah, yom kippur, channukkah, passover, pentecost
bar/bat mitzvah happens at age...and means either... 13/12...son of teh commandment or daughter for reformers
during a bar/bat mitzvah the person does what reads torah on following sabbath and are seen as an adult
sabbath happens on either friday or saturday evening
sabbath commemorates completion of creation and release from slavery
sabbath is a day of rest since there is no weekend
bec of the sabbath, romans considered the jws as lazy
rosh hashanah means...and happens around new year...sept or oct
yom kippur happens...and is the day of... 10 days after new year...atonement
yom kippur involves fasting and commemorating introduction of sin,worship at synogogue, confession and forgiveness
channukkah is the feast of dedication or festival of lights
channukkah is an 8 day celebration in november/december
channukkah is not in the..but rahter the... jewish bible...macabees
channukkah commemorates the cleansing of the Temple
the macabees were about..who basically said to call him... antioches IV or epiphinees...God
as a result of epiphinees, the...threw him out and the Temple had to be... maccabean revolt...cleansed but there was only enoug ritual oil for 1 day (takes 8 days to make) but it lasted all 8 days
channukkah uses the...which is a... monorah..lampstand
passover happens in...and it commemorates... march/april...the myth of the exodus
pass over involves...and the... unlevened bread...angel of death passing over houses w/ blood on doorfram
pass over involves celebrating with the...which happens on the... seder dinner...first two nights
during the seder dinner what happens the story is recited
the seder dinner uses symbolic foods and dialogue w/ children
pentecost is also called..and happens... shavout...7 weeks after passover
pentecost commemorates the giving of the law
pentecost and pass over used to involve...when there was a... pilgrammage...a Temple
deut. 6;4-9 is the...and it means to.. the shema..hear
the shema consists of creedal statements (doctrine)
one is to say the shema two times a day
the shema says that there is one relatable God
the shema involves...which is a... tefillin/phylactery...leather box w/ torah written on/in it
the tefillin/phylactery is literally bound to you for morning prayers
the shema also involves the..which is a.. mezuzah..tiny box in doorway containing the torah
the mishnah basically says that during passover, if a man has left for some ritual act and realizes he left yeast at home, he should go and remove it if he has time or anul if in his heart if he can't go back
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