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Ren & Reformation

GI NYS Vocab Mrs. Z

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believe that salvation is gained through faith alone and the Bible is the source of religious truth, predestination Calvinists
based on the belief that the sun is the center of the universe Heliocentric
Religious belief that is contrary to the official teachings of the church Heresy
Intellectual movement at the heart of the Italian Renaissance that focused on worldly subjects rather than on religious ones Humanism
In the Roman Catholic Church, pardon for sins committed during a person’s life Indulgence
arguments against indulgences, posted by Martin Luther on the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany in 1517 95 Theses
Person who provides financial support for the arts Patron
Idea that God long ago determined who will gain salvation Predestination
Period when Europeans broke away from the Roman Catholic Church and formed new Christian churches Protestant Reformation
Give up one’s views or beliefs recant
Period of great creativity and change in Europe from the 1300s through the 1600s; the word means “rebirth” Renaissance
Painstaking method used to confirm findings and to prove or disprove a hypothesis Scientific Method
Period in the 1500s and 1600s in which scientific thinkers challenged traditional ideas and relied on observation and experimentation Scientific Revolution
Having to do with worldly, rather than religious matters Secular
French Protestant reformer who preached predestination John Calvin
Polish astronomer who proposed the sun-centered model of the universe Copernicus
Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor who created the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci
Italian Renaissance astronomer who supported the heliocentric theory Galileo
German monk who began the Protestant Revolution with the 95 Theses Martin Luther
Italian Renaissance sculptor, engineer, architect, poet, and painter of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
English scientist who discovered gravity; worked with physics and astronomy Sir Isaac Newton
English playwright and poet of numerous comedies, tragedies, and histories Shakespeare
Created by: LHSZollitsch