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Lesson 3

Using prefixes, suffixes, and combining form to write terms

alb/o- white
albin/o- white
leuc/o- white
leuk/o- white
chlor/o- green
cyan/o- blue
erythr/o- red
melan/o- black
xanth/o- yellow
carcin/o- cancer
cephal/o- head
dips/o- thirst
-eal pertaining to
electr/o- electricity
esthesi/o- perception, feeling or sensation
gen/o- beginning; origin,
-genic produced by or in
-genesis producing or forming
geront/o- aged or elderly
ger/o- aged or elderly
glyc/o- sugar
gram/o- to record
-gram a record
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
hist/o- tissue
kinesi/o- movement, motion
-kinesia movement, motion
-kenesis movement, motion
leps/o- seizure
-lepsy seizure
log/o- knowledge, words,
-logist one who studies specialist
-logy study or science of
lip/o- fat
lith/o- stones
lys/o- destruction, dissolving
-lysin that which destroys
-lysis process of destroying
-lytic capable of destroying
malac/o- soft, softening
-malacia abnormal softening
megal/o- large, enlarged
-megaly enlargement
metr/o- measure, uterine tissue
-meter instrument used to measure
-metry process of measuring
narc/o- sleep
ne/o- new
necr/o- dead or death
onco- tumor
-oma tumor
path/o- disease
-pathy disease
phag/o- eat, ingest
-phagia eating, swallowing
-phagic eating, swallowing
-phagy eating, swallowing
phas/o- speech
-phasia speech
phot/o- light
-plasia formation
pleg/o- paralysis
-plegia paralysis
py/o- pus
pyr/o- fire
schis/o- split,cleft
schiz/o- split, cleft
schist/o- split, cleft
-schisis split, cleft
scler/o- hard,
sclerosis hardening
scop/o- to examine, to view
-scope instrument used for viewing
-scopy process of examining visually
troph/o- nutrition
-trophic nutrition
-trophy nutrition
aer/o- air
blast/o- embryonic
cry/o- cold
crypt/o- hidden
fibr/o- fiber
myc/o- fungus
optic/o- vision
opt/o- vision
orth/o- straight, straighten
pharmac/o- drugs, medicine
phon/o- voice
therm/o- heat
top/o- position, place
nulli- none
primi- first
mono- one
uni- one
bi- two
di- two
tri- three
quad- four
quadri- four
tetra- four
hemi- half, partly
semi- half, partly
multi- many
poly- many
hyper- excessive, more than normal
hypo- beneath or below normal
macro- large
micro small
ab- away from
ad- toward
ante- before
pre- before
pro- before
dia- through
ecto- out, without, away
ex- out, without, away
exo- out, without, away
epi- above, on
en- (em- sometimes used) inside
hypo- beneath, under
sub- beneath, under
inter- between
intra- within
meso- middle
peri- around
post- after or behind
retro- behind, backward
super- above, beyond
supra- above, beyond
a- no, not, without
an- no, not, without
anti- against
contra- against
brady- slow
dys- bad, difficult
eu- good, normal
in- not, within, in, or into
mal- bad
para- near, beside or abnormal
per- through or dry
tachy- fast
Created by: SHOSELYN