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Obiol Med Europe

a young French peasant who led soldiers in the Hundred Years’ War Joan of Arc
people from Scandinavia who raided villages in Europe Vikings
hatred of Jewish people anti-semitism
a noble who served a lord of a higher rank vassal
a plague that swept across Europe and Asia and killed millions of people Black Death
Medieval cities were dirty, smelly, and polluted
During the Black Death, farm animals _________________. wandered around with no one to take care of them
During the Black Death, there were villages where __________________. everyone who lived there died
The Crusades were a holy war launched by Catholics against Muslim Turks
Serfs were not allowed to ____________________ without permission. get married
The ___________ _____________ limited the power of the king in England. Magna Carta
Mountains and rivers shaped European culture by separating cultures from one another.
The Hundred Years' War was fought between France and England
Rising wages and a decline in trade were effects of the Black Death (plague)
Charlemagne believed in Education
Charlemagne was crowned the new Roman Emperor
Inquisition a Church court that tried heretics
Vernacular everyday language used in a country or region
Alps separates Italy from the rest of Europe
English Channel separates Britain and Ireland from the rest of Europe
Celts pushed into Ireland, Wales, and Scotland by Angles and Saxons
code of chivalry a guide for knights' good behavior
First Crusade drove Muslims from Jerusalem
Concordat of Worms limited the emperor's power
settled in an area that is now France Franks
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