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agriculture Tending crops and livestock Raising cows or growing corn
primary economic activity 1st of steps Growning of
secondary economic activity 2nd of steps Transforming raw materials for our use
tertiary economic activity 3rd of steps Services for farming banking educating and retailing
quaternary economic activity 4th of steps Processing and manipulation of data
plant domestication Manipulation of plants for our benefit Artificial selection
root crops Crop that reproduces through roots Potatoes
seed crops Crops that reproduce though seeds Corn
First Agricultural Revolution When we invented farming
animal domestication General modification of animals, rendered more amenable to human control Farm raising pigs
subsistence agriculture Growing only to supports selves Mostly in periphery
shifting cultivation Cultivation of crops moving to the next area every few years due to overusage Slash and burn agricultural
slash and burn agriculture When trees are burnt in thè clearing of one plot of land and farmed there ashes used to fertilize soil
second agriculture revolution Farming benefiting from
von thunen model Explains the location of agricultural because of rent and transportation Created long ago. City at center. Perishables surround. Forests surround...
Third agricultural revolution Green revolution. Genetic engineering
generically modified organisms Organisms who's genetics were specifically chosen (through ancestors) for a reason
rectangular survey system Aka public land survey. Gov. Gave land to people west of Appalachian Mts. Township and range system
township and range system rectangular land scheme by Thomas Jefferson to distribute settlers evenly
metes and bounds survey land system E of Appalachian Mts. imprecise system (demarcated by land)
longlot survey land divided into long strips (along rivers and such) Texas
primogeniture system where eldest son receives land from father
commercial agriculture Large scale farming (w machinery) intending to make a profit Farming corn for a company
monoculture Dependence on signal crop Farmers that only grow corn
Koppen climatic classification system system that classifies climates around the world
climatic regions Regions around world w similar climates A hot very warm humid
plantation agriculture production system based on large plantations
luxury crops Non substantial crop Tea, coffee
livestock ranching Raising domestic animals for eat and other parts Cows, lambs, pigs
Mediterranean agriculture Specialized farming of crops native to Mediterranean Olives, citrus, some veggies
agribusiness General term for business that provides goods and services to farmers Company that makes machinery for farms
Quinary economic activity Fifth of the steps Research for farming
organic agriculture Approach of farming and ranching that avoids pesticides or hormones
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