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CWC II - Quiz 1

flashcards from Quiz 1

Modernity is a change of cultural disposition toward: the past
The modern person measures the past by contemporary standards
Under the rule of Islam, Christians were permitted to retain their faith but were required to abide by all of the following except permitted to evangelize Muslims
The condition or project of modernity in today's global order is transitional
The Coptic Church originated in Egypt
All of the following are true about modernity except it rejects religion
The modern moment in which global order now lives has its origins in Western Christendom
Western secular modernity establishes all of the following except censured knowledge
The dream of unity within Western Christendom was rooted in what historical memory? The Roman empire
Western Christendom's founding era of Christian modernity was during what period? 1050-1648
The Papal Revolution of the 11th-13th centuries did all of the following except downplayed the rationalizing of theology and law
T/F: A friar took monastic oaths of chastity, poverty and obedience to then go out into the world to preach the message of the Latin Church. True
The third major Christian philosophy of history was envisioned by Joachim de Fiore
What church feast day best celebrates the victory of the Papal Revolution in Western Christendom? Corpus Christi
The first pope to call himself "Vicar of Christ" was Innocent III
Which pope insisted upon belief in papal sovereignty over every human being as necessary to salvation? Boniface VIII
All of the following are in chronological order except (a) the Black Death (b) the Great Schism (c) the Conciliar Movement and (d) the Fourth Lateran Council. The Fourth Lateran Council
All of the following are included as human rights as stated in Art. 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights except (freedom of religion/to change religion/to manifest religion in public) There is no exception, all are included in Article 18
The Hundred Years War was fought because ____ claimed the right to rule ______. England/France
By what year had Muslim military advances secured control of territory stretching from the Arabian Peninsula, through the Promised Land, across North Africa to reach the greater part of Spain? 715
T/F: As "People of the Book" under Arab Islamic rule, Christians were permitted to both build new church and evangelize Muslims. False
Which part of Western Christendom was the geographic heartland of the Holy Roman Empire? Germany
Europe had a near complete knowledge of world geography by ____. 1500??
The West sacked and occupied the Byzantium capital during what period? (d) 1204-1261
Who wrote the popular work, "The Praise of Folly"? Erasmus
True or False: The population crisis brought about by the Black Death contributed to the end of the manorial and feudal systems of economic-social life. True
The papal court at Avignon pursued a policy of church independence primarily through which means? Guaranteeing financial security and centralizing canon law
T/F: Owing to the Great Schism of the West, the papal office was forced to remove itself from Rome to reside in Avignon, known as the Babylonian captivity of the papacy. False
The Great Schism of the West was resolved by what mechanism of authority? Conciliar movement
The beguinages movement was characterized primarily as participating in mystical spirituality
The work "The Imitation of Christ" is an example of "devotio moderna" spirituality
Who wrote it was infinitely better to meditate uprightly upon Christ than to celebrate the sacrament? John Wycliffe
The Renaissance popes made their mark primarily as patrons of the arts
T/F: The Renaissance style of life was primarily contemplative. False
McDuffee described the Roman Catholic Church in all of the following terms except system of coercive salvation
McDuffee claimed a greater value was ascribed to the individual in Western culture owing to the established division between canon and civil law
Which of the following best describes how McDuffee described Western culture and Christian spirituality? dualistic and dynamic (unstable)
The church holy day entered onto the calender of special holy days only in the West was the day celebrating all souls
McDuffee presented what as holding central importance in the middle of the puzzle putting together forgiveness of sins in late medieval Catholic sanctification? the sacrament of Confession
According to McDuffee, Western culture held an ____ dream of unity that though unsuccessful, gave generations of men and women a joint sense of desire and uniformity. imperial
The late Middle Ages and the Renaissance set the stage for the ____ of the Church in the sixteenth century. fragmentation
Who said the following: "I would that even the lowliest women read the Gospels and the Pauline Epistles. And I would that they were translated into all languages so that they would be read and understood..."? Desiderius Erasmus
Who said the following: Neither a fixed abode nor a form that is yours alone nor any function peculiar to yourself have we given you..."? Pico della Mirandola
In the years between ____ and ____, printing gave scholars as many books as all of Europe had produced in the previous _____ years. 1450, 1500, 1000
The Four Articles of Prague of 1420 included all of the following except The Word of God shall be freely and without hindrance preached by all true Christians in the kingdom of Bohemia.
Each of the following is true about the Lollards except Won the support of King Henry V (1413-1422) and thus remained a powerful public voice in England up to the eve of the English Reformation
Who said the following: "There is no salvation of the soul, or hope of everlasting life, but in the cross. Take therefore your cross and follow Jesus, and you shall go into life everlasting"? Thomas a Kempis
T/F: "Devotio moderna" -- the way of modern devotion -- was a great lay revival beginning in Belgium, which included monastic and educational reform. False
All of the following were consequences of the Black Death in the period of crisis beginning in the mid-fourteenth century except Falling away from the Christian faith became pervasive
According to McDuffee, the positive (man-made) law of both the church and the state as it was conceived by legal scholars in the high middle ages was both conformed to and the outworking of natural law
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