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GSTR310 Midterm

What is Deuteronomistic History? Found in Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings. Written during King Josiah, shows bias toward the kingdom of Judah. Reflects the political realities of the time. While Israel is faithful it prospers, when unfaithful it is cursed.
Three parts of the Hebrew Bible? How did they develop? Torah developed during the Babylonian Exile (587-538 BC). Nebi'im developed around 180 BC in Sirach. Ketubim developed around 515 to 70 BC.
What is the Septuagint? A Greek translation of the Hebrew scripture. Produced in Alexandria, Egypt in 3rd century BC. It was the Bible used by most followers of Jesus.
What's the "Jesus of History" and "Jesus of Faith" debate about This debate is important to acknowledge because there is a difference between the two. The jesus of history is defined with facts, and the jesus of faith is described as christ. You can't choose to believe in the jesus of history.
Describe the historical Jesus. Jesus was born, lived, and died as a Galilean Jew. He preached of Yahweh, the god of Israel. Had a reputation as a miracle worker. Died in Jerusalem.
How did early Christians read the old testament? Remembered and reflected upon his death. Jesus was the messiah sent from God. They figured that because Jesus is the messiah who suffered and died, the scriptures must speak of him. As they read jesus texts, they retold the coming and going of him.
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