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Survey of Missions


What is the Role of the Abrahamic Covenant in relation to missions? God promises that through Abraham all nations will be blessed.
In what ways was Jesus the missionary prototype? Jesus was sent by God the Father to share the Good News. He shows that all missionaries must be selfless servants, obedient to God. They must identify with God, and share his victory over death and sin.
Know the three ways Paul understood his missionary calling, also know the examples of each. Selected, Sustained, and Sent. Acts 9:15.
Define the Kingdom of God.
What is the differences between "missions" and "mission" Mission is the big picture goal of God to bring the Gospel to all people. Missions are the small picture individual acts that people go on to accomplish the Mission.
What are the roles of the persons of the Trinity in the Missio Dei? God the Father sends God the Son who brought salvation to all who would believe. God the Son sends God the Holy Spirit who aids believers in spreading the Gospel of God the Son.
List and describe the three views related to the Evangelistic Mandate. The Wide View. The Narrow view, evangelism is simply a cultural mandate. The prioritized view, missions are a necessity world wide.
Define Sin and give three truths related to sin and missions.
List and describe the three W's and their relationship to the deliverance of salvation in history
What are some of the blessings of salvation?
Describe the major views related to those who have never heard the gospel. Exclusivism, Universal Opportunity before death, Inclusivism, Postmortem evangelism, Universalism.
Describe the state of the church in AD 95-100. At the end of the Apostolic Age the church was limited in size, perhaps no more than 100 congregations. The churches were mainly urban and primarily Greek speaking.
General factors affecting the early Church's expansion. Excellent Roads, Pax Romana, the Greek language, Greek Philosophy, and the presence of Jews in the cities of Rome.
Factors leading to growth of the church in the 3rd century. Civil strife in the empire distracted officials, great economic dislocation which caused rural folks to question their pagan deities.
What is Emperor Diocletian known for? Edict of Persecution, AD 303
What were Constantine's two edicts? Edict of Milan, A.D. 313 & Edict of Toleration, A.D. 311
Where did the Church expand by A.D. 325? Syria, Asia Minor, Egypt, North Africa, Rome, and Lyons. Limited growth in Gaul. Christianity was quickly becoming the state religion of the Roman Empire.
Describe some of the missionary methods post A.D. 325. Followed the example of Paul. Itinerant, full-time missionaries where common.
Describe the 4 points given in relation to Constantine and missions. Constantine and his sons encouraged the expansion of the church, identified Christ with the Roman empire, saw Christianity as a way to maintain order and pacify barbarians, and truly believed they were responsible for converting pagans.
Describe the relation between missions and monasticism. Monks (Sodalities) could be sent by the Pope wherever there was a need for missions. They were well educated in Christian doctrine, and willing to go anywhere.
Describe the growth of the church around AD 500. Christianity was the main religion of Rome, and had spread outside of the empire as well. Ethiopia, Arabia, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, Germany, Georgia, and Ireland.
What was the Nestorian Church and where did it spread? Spread through Asia all the way to China.
What were the two streams of Christianity and where were their centers? Roman Catholicism in Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy in Constantinople.
Describe the encounters with Islam, important battle, and what was the objective of the Crusades?
How was the foundation laid for the modern mission movement laid at the end of he 1650-1792 period?
What was the Great Century of Christian missions? (date)
Why was this period known as the great century? More unreached people groups where being reached with the Gospel than ever before in history.
What two events set these dates off: 1792 and 1910?
what was the Baptist Missionary Society and who was its most famous missionary?
Know the societies before 1810
What were some of the social climates that enabled the US mission movement?
ESSAY: Know the student movements at Andover Seminary and Williams College.
Describe the philosophy of 1865-1910.
Name two organizations formed by Thomas Bray.
Describe John Wesley
Describe Jonathan Edwards
Describe Roger Williams First New Englander to preach to the Native Americans.
Describe Nicholas von Zinzendorf Involved in the rebirth of the Moravian Church.
Describe Shubal Sterns
Describe Daniel Marshall
Describe D.L. Moody
What was the Great Awakening?
What was the Baptist churches attitude toward the Great Awakening? Very Critical at first.
When and where was the Southern Baptist Convention formed? Augusta Georgia, May 8, 1845.
What did slavery do to the churches in America? Was divided over the issue before the states. Caused church divisions and splits.
What was the initial purpose of the National Baptist Convention of the United States of America? (NBCUSA)
What are the three observations given in the class notes that summarize the modern mission movement? God has not shifted His missionary Calling to the nation instead of the church. America is not now and has never been and Christian nation. The chief task of the domestic mission in America today is related to evangelism and church planting.
Created by: matt.crumbley



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