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v religion


Divine Revelation God's making himself known to us
Blessed Trinity The Three Persons in One God: God the Father,God the Son,and God the Holy Spirit
Bible the written record of God's Revelation and his relationship with his people
Tradition the Revelation of the Good new of Jesus Christ as lived out in the Church,past and present
Divine Inspiration the special guidance that the Holy Spirit gave to the human writers of the Bible
covenant an agreement between God and his people
Book of Genesis the first book in the Bible
Human dignity the value and worth that comes from being made in God's image and likeness
free will the freedom and ability to choose
conscience the ability to know the difference between good and evil,right and wrong
soul the invisible spiritual reality that makes each of us human and that will never die
steward a person who is given both the authority over what he or she cares for and the responsibility for seeing that it lives and grows
sin a thought,word,deed,or omission against God's law
Original Sin the first sin that weakened human nature and brought ignorance,suffering,and death into the world;we all suffer from its effects
Patriarch a father,or founder,of a clan,a group of related families
canaan an area in western Palestine that icluded most of present-day Isreal
faith a gift from God that enables us to believe in himm and accept all that he has revealed
providence God's plan for and protection of all creation
pharaoh the king of Egypt
exodus the biblical word describing the Israelitres' departure from slavery to freedom
passover the event in which God passed oer the whole of Egypt, taking the lives of every firstborn Egyptian and sparing the Isrealites
mount sinai a mountain peak in the rocky southern part of the Sinai peninsula
miracle and extrodinary event that is beyond human power and brought about by God
manna a sweet bread-like food that God provided for the Israelites in the desert
ten commandments the laws of God's covenant given to Moses on Mount Sinai
ark of covenant a wooden box in which the tablets of the Ten Commandments were kept
nazirite a person consecrated to God who promised not to drink wine or strong drink, touch anyone or anything that gad died, or cut or shave his or her hair
prophet someone who speaks on behalf of God, defends the truth, and works for justice
monarchy a kingdom or empire ruled by one person,either a king or a queen
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