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Religion Test 2

Who is the “Second Moses?” Why? Joshua; parting of waters, sent out spies, death speech
What is the name of the prostitute who protected the Israelite spies? Rehab
Describe Deuteronomistic theology God's presence is with them if they keep the covenant (success), God's presence is not with them if they break the covenant (defeat)
What is the main theme of Joshua? Establishment via victories of the Lord
Which judge delivered the israelites from midian? Gideon
What tradition did Joshua re-establish as a reminder of God’s power? passover
What tradition did Joshua re-establish as a reminder of the covenant? circumcision
What books of the Old Testament cover the time before the founding of the monarchy? 1 & 2 Samuel
What were the three W's solomon was known for? wisdom, wealth, women
what changes did jeroboam make when he became king of israel? makes the golden calves
Who did Reheboam go to for advice? older people
Who did rehoboam listen to for advice? younger people, his friends
what are the two qualities of ezra as described by dr. holleyman? scribe and priest
what are two qualities of nehemiah described by dr. holleyman? cup-bearer/governor
what contributions did soloman make to israel? built up the military, constructed the temple and palace, establish israel as a trade nation, organized the government, wrote wisdom literature, gained wealth
both ezra and nehemiah focas on what? 2nd temple, jerusalem wall, religious reforms (no foreign wives)
what was the edict of cyrus? it allowed some israelites to return to jerusalem and rebuild, god uses someone not of the Hebrew faith to accopmlish his purpose
what happen in 961? solomon became king
what was the dominant tribe of the northern kingdom? ephraim
who was the first king of judah rehoboam (saul if you count combined israel)
what is the defined of "diaspora"? the scattered people
who lead the israelite people after moses? joshua
according to dr. holleyman, what was the main conflict in david vs goliath? fear vs faith
during the reign of solomon, how was the military improved? he developed a cavalry
who was the first king of the northern kingdom? jeroboam
how many wives and concubines did solomon have? 700 wives and 300 concubines
what was the parable nathan told david about? a rich man with many sheep and a poor man with one sheep; the rich man took the poor man's sheep
what were the three concerns of ezra and nehemiah? jereusalem wall, religious reforms and 2nd temple
what contributions are related to david? regional political dominance, stabilization of monarchy, establishment of jerusalem as capital, preservation of religious identity, model for idealized future
what is the messianic hope associated with david? the messiah will come from david's line
in the assessment of david's reign, what two things were evaluated military leadership, ruler with equity and justice
what does dynasty mean? legacy, line would carry on (the ruler would always be from the line of david)
what does hesed mean? discipline without withdrawing love, steadfast love, unending mercy
why does nathan initially agree with david's idea to build God a house? God usually approved of everything David did
why wouldn't god let david build him a temple? God did not ask for a house
what are the four parts of the davidic covenant? Great name, Place of peace, Dynasty, hesed
who killed amnon? Absalom
who wins between absalom and david? David
who was david's oldest son? Amnom
why does david flee? saul is trying to kill, absalom is plotting to take over the throne
what is tamar considered after she is raped? desolate woman
who rapes tamar? Amnom
which part of david's punishment involves david's concubine? his neighbor will sleep with his wife in public view
who is tamar? david's daughter, absolom's sister, amnom's half sister
what was the name of bathsheba's husband? uriah the hittite
who did david sleep with? Bathsheba
what were the 3 punishments that david recieved for his actions with bathsheba? the sword would never depart from his family, his neighbor would sleep with his wives in public, the child would die
what did nathan use to confront david about his actions? parable of the sheep
who is the most important king who comes of the relationships between david and bathsheba? Solomon
how long did david reign? 40 years
who is joab loyal to? David
the death of abner was an act of what? revenge
what does zion mean? City of David, Jerusalem, Holy City
what is the first step of making the city of david a holy place? bringing back the ark of the covenant
how many spies does joshua send to survey jericho? 2
what are the variations of the name joshua? hosea, jesus
what is the ark of the covenant a symbol of? god's presence
why is jericho devoted to destruction 1st victory, god's instrment of judgement against evil people, living with the cannaanites will corrupt them
during which period do the israelites begin to become a settled people? judges
what does shopet mean? judge, justify, deliverer
What does Ehud do? Kills Eglon by sneaking in his sword (he’s left handed) and stabbing him in his fat stomach, then locking the doors so the servants won’t go in
who is debra? Judge who led Barak to defeat Sisera, Jael killed Sisera, females get spotlight, most honorable, behaves most like an actual judge
what is the typical iraelite cycle during the period of judges? Israel is unfaithful, oppression, Israel cries out, Lord raises a deliverer, Israel has rest
who was the most famous of the judges? describe his story. Samson, super strong, defeats all his enemies, falls in love with Delilah, Delilah betrays him to the Philistines, they cut his hair, he is weak, pulls down house on all the Philistines
who is gideon? judge who led 300 men to battle against Midianites, people wanted him to be king, he said to let God rule
what is meant by the term deuteronomistic assessment Faithful=prosper, unfaithful= bad things… evaluates how much people have stuck to God’s assessment
What is the assessment at the end of Judges There is no king, the people did what was right in their own eyes (implies that they would be faithful if they had a king)
During what season is the story of Ruth traditionally told harvest
what does goel mean? kinsman redeemer
who are the main characters in ruth? ruth, naomi, boaz
what is ruth the bridge between judges and 1&2 samuel
what does bethlehem mean? house of bread
why do naomi and elimelech go to moab? there was famine
who dies at the beginning of ruth? elimilech, ruth and orpah's husbands
what does the name mara mean bitter
ruth's speech to speech to naomi is an example of what? covenant commitment
whose field does ruth go to? boaz
why is boaz impressed by ruth? work ethic, devotion to naomi, good-looking
where does naomi send ruth after she meets boaz? to the threshing floor
is boaz the first in like kinsman redeemer no
what is the name of ruth and boaz baby obed
what is the lineage given in ruth? davidic lineage....leads to jesus
who are the main nemesis of the isaelites in the 1st samuel? philistines
1 and 2 samuel make up how many books in the hebrew bible 1
during what centuries is the 1st and 2nd samuel 11 and 10
who are the main characters of samuel? samuel, saul and david
what advantages do the philistines have over the israelites they have metal weapons, organized government/taxes, bigger
who is hannah saul's mother
who is eli? priest that teaches samuel
who is samuel judge/prophet/anointer of kings
what does samuel say in response to the people's request for a king? kings will take from you
why do the israelite people want a king? samuel's sons are corrupt
who is the first israelite king saul
how is saul chosen he is handsome and taller than everyone else
why does saul fail as king He usurps Samuel at Gilgal, he does not destroy the animals or Agog, built a monument to himself
Describe the situation of Saul and the Amalekites He was instructed to dedicate to destruction but saved the best animals, saved Agog, and set up a monument to himself, asks Samuel to honor him
Who does Samuel anoint as the second king of Israel David
Why is David chosen as king? right heart
what jobs does david have in saul's kingdom? musicia/armor-bearer
describe the david and goliath story Goliath=really big, scared the Israelites, David=tiny, not afraid, called on God to be victorious, killed Goliath
who favors david over saul? jonathan/michal, people, Lord
how does the david versus saul story end saul and jonathan die
What is the structure of Job? prose, poetry, prose
How is Job described? Blameless, faithful, turns away from evil, righteous
Who are Job’s three friends? elphaz, bildad, zophar
How does God answer Job? condemnation of friends, affirmation and restoration of job
Describe the Orientation type of psalms prologue
Describe the disorientation type of psalms lament, exile, anger
Describe the new orientation type of psalms even in the darkest times, god will be there
What happens at Gilgal? Samuel usurped, tabernacle destroyed
Who wrote Ezra & Nehemiah Ezra
How many kings, dynasties, and years is the Northern kingdom? 19 kings, 9 dynasties, 200 years
How many kings, dynasties, and years is the Southern kingdom? 20 kings, 1 dynasty, 335 years
What is the focus of Ezra and Nehemiah? reforms, rebuilding the wall, 2nd temple
What are the five reforms of Nehemiah? economic, re-population, temple/offerings, Sabbath, separation (no foreign wives)
What is the focus of Chronicles? priesthood, Davidic line, ends calling jews of the diaspora
Who is the leader who conquered the Southern Kingdom? What nation did he lead? Rohoboam, Judah
How does Kings begin? With which event does it end? Solomon fall to Judah.
The prophets demonstrate a ___ and ___ pattern. prediction and fulfillment
Mashals civilian law enforcement
Who is Elijah? prophet
Jezebel and Ahab During the time of King Ahab's rule, he and his wife Jezebel encouraged all the people in his kingdom to worship the idol, Baal.
Who wanted the ark of the covenant to have a permanent dwelling David
Pslams lament, thanksgiving, or hymn.
What does Nabi mean He who brings message, prophet
What does Prophetes mean? A woman who speaks for God
What are the writing styles of the prophet books? 26 prose essays
Major prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel
How many minor prophets are there 12
What are the major themes of Amos that God puts his people on the same level as the surrounding nations - God expects the same purity of them all.
Who is Gomer? prostitute who realized her lost spiritual stage once she was with Hosea
Created by: lindseyregan
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