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Chp. 8 Political Geo

Case study 1 : what two countries is it about ? and what is the prob ? France and Germany , boundries
what is a state ? a country
what is sovereignty ? independence from control of it internal affairs
what is a non soverign state French Guinea
where are there arguments about states ? korea, china,polar region
who divied korea into N and S ? The US and SU
why did korea divison become permant the two new sections established new gov su (North) - democratic peoples republic of korea US ( south) republic of korea
who invaded who in korea ? North to the south
what are the the states in korea trying to do ? reunite
is taiwan a sovergin state ? most states consider it to be except china and rose a civil war
what gov is china and taiwan ? Taiwan became nationalist and us supported them China is communist
What is the most populous state not in the united nation taiwann
what are some states that claim Anarctica? argentina,australia,chile, france, new zealand, norway. the UK
what does the anartic treaty say ? the frame work for managing anarctica and is allowed for scienftic research
what are microstates ? states with very small land areas
how was the earth divied inot ? city states empires etc
where can the development of states be traced to ? fertile crescent making an arc between the persian gulf and mediterranean sea
what was the first state that was then divied into city states Mesopotanian with wall boundraies
when did political unity reached its height ? with the establishment of the Roman empire with 38 provinces and ruling europe N africa and middle east
what happened after roman falls kings started ruiling estates
what is a colony ? a territory that is legally tied to a sovereign state
what do the sovereign states control in colonies ? millatary or internal affairs
what is colonialism effort by one countary to establish settlements in a terriory to impose principles on the area
what where the 3 reason for europe colonialism God,gold and glory promote christianity extract resources and have power
what is imperialism and what is a example ? to control of a territory already occupied, africa and asia
what did france colonialsm do ? make them all the same
what did british coloniallsim do ? make them all diffrent
How many colonies still exist ? 43 puerto rico most populous and pitcarin least populous
whats do states shape affect ? controls lenght of its boundaries with other states, communication and conflict with neighbros and a unique idenity and centriptal force
What are the five basic shapes ? compact, elongated prorupted, perfortated and fragmented
describe compact staes small and a circle captial in the middle good for small states easier to communicate like bolivia
describe elongated states ? long narrow suffer from poor internal communication like chile
describe proupted states ? a compact state with an extension used to provied a state with a resource or two seprate 2 countries like myanmar
describe perforated states a state that completly surrounds another one in south africa alot like lesotho
describe fragmented states ? includes several discontinous pices like us or malaysia
what are the 2 kinds of fragmented stAtes by water or Indonesia or by interving states like angola
what are landlocks states and where is most common ? surronded by other countries most common in africa
Why are landlocked states more common in africa europe made railroads to connect the interior africa and old railroads created boundaries
What are the steaps to make a boundary 1.define the boundary with a treaty 2.draw it on a map 3.mark boundraies on the ground 4. determane how it will be mantained
what are the two types of boundary physical and cultural
what are the disputes for physical boundaries ? the boundaries can change
what is a definitional boundary disputes focus on legal boundary agreement
what is locational boundary disputes center on where it is
what are operational boundary disputes way of how the boundarie functions
what are allocational boundary disputes over resources
describe desert boundaries cant divied 2 states hard to cross common in africa and asia
describe mt boundaries difficult to cross and permanent happens in agregentina and chile with the andes mts crest cannot be detrmined
describe water boundaries they can chnage most commonly used good protectio visable
what are water boundaries in East africa lake alberta seprate the congo, lake victoria seprate kenya, zambia, Burundi lake mwera, lake malawi
what is the law of sea standardized the territorial limits for states at 12 nautical miles and out 400 to fish
what are the most common cultural boundaries ? geometric and ethnic
What are geometric boundaries straight lines boundaries
what countrires have geometric boundarie us and canada based on a treaty with britian and us and chad and lybia
What are states seprated by reliigous boundaroes india ( into hindu and muslim) ireland north is for is protestand rest is catholic
where are language boundaries found ? and why ? in europe like england,france,portugal and spain. after WW2 they made new boundaries seprating languages
where were the similar slavic languages placed ? the czec and slovaks in yugoslavia and they were placed in czechoslavkia but cant live together
what is the cyprus green line boundary ? to seprate the greeks and turkish on cyprus island ( more greeks and the wanted to rule )
what is a frontier a zone where no state exerciss complete political control where a boundary is invisible but provied an area of separation
where are frontier used in saudi arabia like kuwait seprated by a fronteir called the neutural zone or North and south Korea
what are boundaries inside states used for drawn to seprate diffrent culture or provide advantage to political party
what is a unitary state ? places most power in the central gov
what is a federal state ? allocates strong power to units of local gov within the countary
where does unitary state work best ? in nation states with few internal cultural diffrences require lots off cuminication like europe
what is frances gov ? unitary with 96 deparmetns 1 powerful prefet and 36,686 communes but has granted legal powers to only deparments and communes
why did poland switch to fedral and what system did they choose because the national gov wasnt communist anymore and the 3 tier system with provinces, counties,and municipalities
what is electoral geography boundaries seprating legislative districts made every 10 years by politicans
why are they redrawn ( electoral boundaries ) to improve chances of its supporters
what is gerrymandering process of redrawing legislative boundaries to benifit partys made by elbride gerry illegal
what are the 3 forms of gerrymandaring wasted,excess,and stacked vote
wasted vote is spreads opposition supporters across many districs but in mo=inority (try winning)
excess vote is ? concentrates opposition supportes in few districts (still will win)
what is stacked vote links distant areas of like minded voters through oddl shaped boundaries ( more seprated equally )
why were global and regional orginazations made to prevent 3rd world war and to prevent countries from foregin attacks
what is the largest to supranational united nations
when was the UN made and why at the end or WW1 with 49 states and made to prevent other wars
what did the UN replace replaced the league of nations another orginanization made by presdient willson but usa didnt join
what are UN members allowed to do to vote to establish a peace keeping force or millitary
what are the 5 permamnet members of the security concil china france russia uk usa
the world dividing into milltary alliances resulted in ? in two superpowers the Us and SU
when were the superpowers made during the cold war because of power
what were the superpowers before austria france germany italy japan russia uk and us
where did the SU send armies to ? to hungary czechoslovakia
where did US send armies ? Dominican republic, grenada and Panama so the world remained allies
After WW2 most states joined what millitary groups NATO ( us and SU ) or Warsaw pact ( communist)
hat were the 2 millitary groups made for to mantain a bipolar balance in Europe
what was NATO objective to prevent SU from overruning Germany
what was warsaws objective to provied SU with a discoragment to have a 3rd german invasion
What is the African Union made in 2002 to replace the african unity and promot economic
what was the african unity it was made to seek end to colonialism
what were the diffrences in global power after there were more than 2 superpowers 1. the most important elements of state power are ecnomic than millitary ike china,germany,and japan 2.the leading superpowersin not a single state but an economic union
what 3 states started the European Union ans what was it used for Belgium netherlands and luxemborg and to heal westearn europe from WW2
what 3 countries are trying to join the EU croatia turkey and macedonia
what was the main task of the european union to promote development within member states removed most barriers of free trade and balance power
what is terrorism is a systematic use of violence by a group in order to intimidate a population or gov into granting demands
what is the probelem with terrorism and political violence hard to distinguish
who made al qaeda osama bin ladan in 1990 to unite jihad fighters from afganistan and middle east
story on bin laden went to afganistan to go against soviet army he then went to saudi arabia but wasnt allowed then to sudan but not allowed then back to afghanistan and he issued a decleration of war against the USA
how many are involved in al qaeda unkown
how have air photos helped pinpoiting targets diplomatic format deployment of opposite armies
what are the 3 types of devolution ethnocutural, economic and spatial
ethnocultral a state define themseleves diffrently culture wise like czechoslovakia
economic combination of resources like catalonia with spain
spatial Occur on borders like hawii
Created by: BB2424
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