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CWI Med Words Chapter 18 word building

aden/o- gland
adjuv/o- giving help or assistance
angi/o- blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
bas/o- base of structure
bi/o- life; living organisms; living tissue
blast/o- immature; embryonic
cancer/o- cancer
capsul/o- capsule (enveloping structure)
carcin/o- cancer
cellul/o- cell
chem/o- chemical; drug
chrom/o- color
cry/o- cold
cyt/o- cell
differentiat/o- being distinct; specialized
dissect/o- to cut appart
embryon/o- embryo; immature form
excis/o- to cut out
explorat/o- to search out
gene/o- gene
gen/o- arising from; produced by
germin/o- embryonic tissue
hered/o- genetic inheritance
incis/o- to cut into
invas/o- to go into
kary/o- nucleus
lymph/o- lymph: lymphatic tissue
lys/o- break down; destroy
malign/o- intentionally causing harm; cancer
melan/o- black
mit/o- thread like structure
mutat/o- to change
ne/o- new
necr/o- dead cells; tissue, or body
nucle/o- nucleus
nucleol/o nucleolus
onc/o- tumor; mass
path/o- disease; suffering
plasm/o- plasma
plas/o- growth; formation
radic/o- all parts including the root
radi/o- radius (forearm bone)x-rays; radiation
resect/o- to cut out; remove
remiss/o- send back
sarc/o- connective tissue
squam/o- scalelike cell
surg/o- operative procedure
terat/o- bizarre form
transit/o- change over from one to another
Created by: Kirkbauer