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muscle A&P

skeletal muscle movement, posture, joint stability, heat
smooth muscle moves organs and structures
cardiac muscle pumps blood
SKELETAL MUSCLE: excitability receive a stimulus
SKELETAL MUSCLE: contractility shortens
SKELETAL MUSCLE: elasticity ability to stretch
SKELETAL MUSCLE: extensibility ability to reverse from contracting
SKELETAL MUSCLE: creep direction movement of tissue
SKELETAL MUSCLE: plastic range does not return to nature state
how is fascia described or defined bandage - connective tissue
what are tendons cords of dense CT...attach muscle to bone
how do tendons attach to bone Periosteum
what is an aponeurosis flat broad tendon
perimysium surrounds each fascicles
endomysium surrounds each cell
epimysium surronds each muscle belly
what is a muscle cell muscle fiber
what is a fascicle bundle of muscle cells
what is sarcomere part of flesh
what is considered thick myofilaments myosin
what is considered thing myofilaments actin
what forms the "corss-bridges" during the sliding mechanism myosin heads
what chemicals/nutrients must be available for the myofilaments to shorten ATP Calcium Acetylcholine
what is the primary neurotransmitter for motor nerve end plate? acetylcholine
what is acetlycholinesterase breaks down acetylcholine
where does the motor neuron communicate with the muscle? motor end plate
the neuron or nervous cell that stimulates a group of muscle fibers that contract a unit is called motor unit
which organization of muscle fibers provide the most strength Pennate
which organization of muscle fibers provide the greatest ROM Parallel
what is the most common lever system first class
fast twitch fibers a nareobic- few mitrochondira
slow twitch fibers aerobic - more mitrochondria
what is the purpose of skeletal muscle tone? stabilize joint, maintain posture, uncontrolled changes
what is isotonic contraction movement
what is an eccentric contraction? tension in muscle (elongated)
what is a concentric contraction? tension in muscle (shortening)
what is a isometric contraction? without movement
joint kinesthetic receptors monitor joint movement
inner ear space and friction
origin point does not move
insertion point that moves
action what the muscle does
agonist movement (prime mover)
antagonists opposite does not move
synergist helpers
sacrolemma muscle cell membrane
sarcoplasmic reticulum tuber and channels
nucleus the brain of cell
muscle fiber muscle cell
Created by: marlenasokana