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ST 210

Test 1

Oxygen color code Green
Nitrogen color code Black
Nitrous Oxide color code Blue
Air color code Yellow
Carbon Dioxide color code Grey
Outlets are located Walls, ceiling, or mobile tanks
Emergency shut off valve location Exterior hallway
What is used for counted sponges Kickbucket
What kind of pressure air flow does the ventilation system in the OR have Positive, Laminar Air Flow
What is the Relative Humidity kept in the OR 50-55%
Which filters are preferred for OR ventilation systems High efficiency particulate air filters (Hepa)
Pathogens and body fluids are known as Biohazards
T/F - Every patient should be treated like they have HIV True
Another name for bone cement Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
Another name for making an environment hostile to organism Antibiosis
Which sharp practice will replace hand to hand transfer Implementation of neutral zone
T/F - Sources of radiation can be portable or by C Arm True
What are the types of lead devices Arons, gloves, glasses, thyroid shield, radiation badge
Class A Water
Class B Dry Chemical
Class C Halon
Where are IV's started Pre-Op Holding area
Surgical pathology requiring treatment within a relatively short period of time Urgent (appendectomy)
Life threatening Emergent
Does not have to be performed immediately Elective (Knee arthroscopy)
Does not have to be performed to preserve life or function Optional (Breast augmentation)
Proper O.R. attire required, mask required Restricted
Proper O.R. attire required Semi-restricted
Street clothes allowed Unrestricted
Areas of OR are separated by Walls, doors, and red lines
Who sets the tone in the O.R. The Surgeon
Where are specimens primarily sent to Pathology
T/F - An Anesthesia Provider In Training can be a Physician or RN True
Who would primarily make daily room assignments in the O.R. Charge Nurse
If a sales rep wants to demonstrate a product who would they contact Director of Nursing/OR
If you were a FA, who would check your credentials if you weren't an employee at the facility National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA)
Professional traits of ST Conscientiousness, consistent attendance, punctuality, understanding policies/procedures, obey rules, spirit of cooperation
JCAHO Joint Commission Accreditation Health Care Organizations
Who is primarily responsible for the skin prep of a patient STSR (Surgical Technologist in the Scrub Role)
Who perfected the heart lung machine Cooley
An infection acquired during a surgical procedure is considered what type of infection Surgical Sight Infection
T/F - The operating room is relatively quiet, temp controlled and brightly lit True
Temperature of O.R vent system 65-75 degrees F
Racetrack Involves a series of O.R's around a clean central core
Found to contain DNA of HPV Laser plume
Can cause retina blindness Yag laser
Components of a fire Ignition, fuel, oxygen
Fire priorities Protect the patient, contain the fire, move anesthesia machine
R.A.C.E Rescue, Alert, Contain, Extinguish, Evacuate
Prevention of a disease or condition Prophylaxis
Which gas is primarily used for power instruments on the sterile field Nitrogen