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Medical Language Text Book

cardiac pertaining to the heart
intestinal pertaining to the intestine
muscular pertaining to the muscle
urinary pertaining to the urine
pelvic pertaining to the pelvis
uterine pertaining to the uterus
digestive pertaining to digestion
venous pertaining to a vein
urination a process of making urine
digestion action of breaking down food
hemolysis process of breaking down or destroying blood
pneumonia condition of the lung
hypothyroidism disease from a specific cause of deficient thyroid hormone
tonsillitis infection of the tonsil
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
neuroma tumor on a nerve
psychosis abnormal condition of the mind
arthropathy disease of the joint
apendectomy surgical excision of the appendix
mammogram a record or picture of the breast
mammography process of recording the breast
spirometry process of measuring the breathing
colonoscope instrument used to examine the colon
gastroscopy process of using an instrument to examine the stomach
colostomy surgically created opening in the colon
psychotherapy treatment of the mind
laparotomy process of making an incision in the abdomen
psychiatry medical treatment for the mind
therapist one who specializes in treatment
cardiology the study of the heart
endotracheal pertaining to within the trachea
epidermal pertaining to upon the skin
intercostal pertaining to between the ribs
intravenous pertaining to with the vein
pericardial pertaining to around the heart
postnasal pertaining to behind the nose
premenstrual pertaining to before menstruation
subcutaneous pertaining to underneath the skin
transvaginal pertaining to through the vagina
bilateral pertaining to two sides
bradycardia condition of a slow heart
hemiplegia condition of one half of the body with paralysis
hypertension condition of more than normal pressure
hypothyroidism disease from a specific cause of deficient thyroid gland hormone
mononucleosis abnormal condition of white blood cells that each have one large nucleus
polyneuritis inflammation of many nerves
quadriplegia condition of four limbs with paralysis
tachycardia condition of a fast heart
trigeminal pertaining to three nerve branches in a group
tri- three
gemin/o set or group
aspermia condition of being without sperm
anesthesia condition of being without sensation
antibiotic pertaining to against living organisms (such as bacteria)
dementia condition of being without a mind
dysphagia condition of painful or difficult eating and swallowing
euthyroidism process of a normally functioning thyroid gland
malnutrition being or having inadequate nourishment
respiration a process of again and again breathing
pneumon/o lung, air
menstrul/o monthly discharge of blood
vagin/o vaginal
CPRs computerized patient records
EMRs electronic medical records
EPRs electronic patient records
EHR electronic health records
CC Chief Complaint
Created by: Laura Duncan