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CH 6-11 Med Term

Osteoid Resembling Bone
Myelofibrosis Replacement of bone marrow by fibrous tissue
Osteoarthritis A chronic disease involving the bones and joints
Scoliosis Lateral curvature of the spine
Osteomyelitis Inflammation of the bone, especially the bone marrow
Chondrectomy Excision of cartilage
Joint Articulation
Bursae Sacs of fluid located in areas of friction, especially in the joints
Polyarthritis Inflammation of more than one joint
Dislocation Displacement of a bone from a joint
Closed Reduction Pulling broken ends of a bone into alignment by manipulation without surgery
Extension The movement that brings the leg into a straight position
Chondrosarcoma A malignant tumor composed of cartilage
Arthroscopy Visualization of the interior of a joint
Arthritis Inflammation of a joint
Substernal Below the breastbone
Costovertebral Pertaining to a rib and a vertebra
Orthopedist Physician who specializes in disorder of the skeletal and muscular systems
Myasthenia Gravis Disease characterized by great muscular weakness
Thoracic Vertebrae Part of the posterior wall of the chest cavity
Tatsoptosis Prolapse of the ankle
Scapula Shoulder blade
Arthrocentesis Puncture of a joint space with a needle, usually done to remove excess fluid
Tendoplasty Surgical repair of a tendon
Compound Fracture Term for a broken bone that is visible through an opening in the skin
Multiple Myeloma Disease characterized by the presence of many tumor masses in the bone and bone marrow
Spondylitis Inflammation of the vertebrae
Craniectomy Excision of a portion of the skull
Intercostal A term that means between the ribs
Coccyx Tailbone
Spondylomalacia Softening of the vertebrae
Rachialgia Painful spine
Sternal Breastbone
Patellofemoral Knee cap and the thigh bone
Osteomalacia A skeletal disorder in adults characterized by a disturbance in bone metabolism and commonly caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D
Metatarsals Bones that are located between the toes and the bones of the ankle
Myolysis Destruction of muscle
Lymphedema Swelling that results from obstruction of a lymphatic vessel
Embolus A mass of undissolved matter present in a vessel and brought there by the circulating blood
Phlebectomy Excision of a vein or a segment of it
Cerebrovascular Accident Stroke or stroke syndrome
Antihypertensive Drug that is used to treat high blood pressure
Arteriosclerosis Formation of fatty, cholesterol-like deposits on the walls of the arteries
Vasodilation An increase in the diameter of a blood vessel
Cardiac Catheterization Passage of a long, flexible tube into the heart chamber through the vein
Atherosclerosis Formation of fatty, cholesterol-like deposits on the walls of the arteries
Endoscope A device consisting of a tube and optical system that is used to observe inside hollow organ or cavity
Angina Pectoris Severe pain and constriction around the heart caused by insufficient blood supply
Shock A serious condition in which blood flow to the heart is reduced to such a extent that body tissues do not receive enough blood
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) A condition characterized by weakness, shortness of breath (SOB), and edema of the lower portions of the body
Cardiopulmonary Pertaining to the heart and lungs
Myocarditis Inflammation of the heart muscle
Embolism Sudden blocking of an artery or lymph vessel by foreign material that has been brought by the circulating blood
Aortic Pertaining to the largest artery in the body
Homeostasis Equilibrium of the internal environment of the body
Dysrhythmia Irregularity of the heartbeat
Lipid Fat or fat-like substance
Arterioles Small arteries that receive blood from arteries
Thrombosis The presence of a thrombus (internal blood clot)
Hpotension Decreased blood pressure
Endocarditis Inflammation of the heart lining
Cardiovascular Pertaining to the heart and blood vessels
Myocardial infarction Death of part of the heart muscle
Fibrillation Severe cardiac arrhythmia in which contractions are rapid, uncoordinated, and ineffective
Hyperlipidemia An excessive quantity of fat in the blood
Echocardiography Use of ultrasound in diagnosing heart disease
Pericarditis Inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart
Aneurysm Ballooning out of the wall of a vessel, usually an artery, caused by congenital defect or weakness of the vessel wall
Cardiac Pacemaker An electrical device that can keep the heart rhythm within a desirable range
Ischemia Temporary deficiency of blood supply to any body part
Lymph The fluid transported by the lymphatic vessels
Heart Murmer A soft blowing or rasping heart sound
Tachycardia Increased pulse rate
Rhinitis Inflammation of the nose
Pulmonary Pertaining to the lungs
Pharyngitis Inflammation of the throat
Sputum Material raised from inflamed membranes of the respiratory tract
Antitussive The term for an agent that is used to prevent or relieve a cough
Inspiration Breathing air into the lungs
Orthopnea Respiratory condition in which there is discomfort in breathing in any position except sitting erect
Spirometry The measurement of the amount of air taken into and expelled from the lungs
Aphasia The inability to communicate through speech, writing or signs caused by improper functioning of the brain
Embolism The sudden blocking of an artery by foreign material
Pneumonia Inflammation of the lungs
Alveoli Tiny air sacs through which the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place
Pharynx Throat
Pulmonary Lobectomy Excision of a lobe of the lung
Wheeze Term for a whistling sound made during respiration
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