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RE-names of muscles2

anconeus elbow
brachialis refer to arm
brachii refer to arm
carpi wrist
clavius clavicle
digitorum refers to a digit (finger/toe)
femoris near the femur
fibularis refers to the fibula
genio near the chin
hallucis great toe
indicis index finger
infra below/lower
lateralis away from midline
palmaris refers to the palm
pectoralis chest
pollicis thumb
popliteus behind the knee
profundus deep
radialis radius
scapulae near the scapula
ulnaris ulna
alba white
triceps three heads
lata wide
major larger
minor smaller
maximus greatest
minimus least
deltoid shaped like a delta/triangle
lumbricals earthworms
rhomb shaped like a rhombos; geometric shape
scalene uneven, ladder
serratus saw toothed; notching
spinae thorn; refers to spinous process
teres long and round
trapezius trapezoid shaped; a little table
abductor moves away from midline
adductor moves toward midline
depressor to lower
erector to make erect
extensor increases angle
flexor decreases angle of body part
opponens opposing
pronator palm faces down
supinator palm faces up
tensor stretcher
Created by: marlenasokana