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World religion


ahimsa Nonharm,nonviolence.
ashram a spirtual community
atman the spirtual essence of individual human beings.
avatar an earthly embodiment of a deity.
bhagavad gita a religious literary work about krishna.
bhakti devotion to a deity or guru.
Bhakti yoga the spirtual disciplines of devotion to a deity or guru.
brahma god of creation
brahman the spirtual essence of the universe.
brahmin member of the priestly caste.
caste one of the major social classes sanctioned by hinduism.
devi goddes, the divne feminine, also called the grea mother.
dhyana meditation.
durga "inspring, distant, a mother goddess a form of devi.
gur a spirtual teacher.
hatha yoga the spiritual discipline of postures and bodily exercises.
jnana yoga the spirtual discipline of knowledge and insight.
kali a goddess associated with destruction of rebirth.
karma the direction of rebirth
karma yoga selfless action
krishna a god associated with divine playfulness a form of vishnu
kundalini yoga individual energy state of joy. form of raja yoga
mantra a short sacred phrase, often chanted or used in meditation.
maya thwe world viewed inadequately.
moksha liberation from personal limitation, egotism, and rebirth.
monism god and universe are the same, that the universe is divine.
puja offering and ritual in honor of deity
raja yoga the royal of discipline of meditation
rama a god and mythical king a form of vishnu
samadhi a state of complete inner peace resulting from meditation.
samsara everyday world changing and suffering leading to rebirth.
sannyasin a wandering holy man
shiva a god associated with destruction and rebith
trimurti three forms, of divines the three gods, brahma, vishnu, and shiva
upanishads written meditations on the spirtual essence of the unverse and the self.
vedas four collection of ancient prayers and rituals.
vishnu a god assoicated with preservation and love.
yoga a spiritual discipline, a method for perfecting one's union with the divine.
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