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Health Emergencies

test 1

Scene Size-up concerned about safety. 1. yours 2. crew 3. victim 4. bystanders
MOI Mechanisms of injury
4 classifications of injuries 1. soft tissue injuries 2. fractures 3.dislocation 4.internal injuries
Triage sorting of accident victims according to the severity of their injuries
high priority injuries airway and breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, uncontrolled bleeding, severe head injuries, open chest and abdominal wounds, severe medical problems, such as poisonings and heart attacks, severe shock
second priority injuries burns, major multiple fractures, back injuries with or without spinal cord injuries
lowest priority injuries minor fractures, other minor injuries, obviously mortal wounds in which death appears reasonably certain, obviously dead
AVPU Alert, Verbal, Painful, Unresponsive
DCAPBTLS systematic head to toe check. Deformities, Contusions, Abrasions, Penetrations, Burns, Tenderness, Lacerations, and Swelling
shock the failure of the cardiovascular system or failure of he system to provide blood circulation to every part of the body
SAMPLE Signs & Symptoms, Allergies, Medications, Past history, Last oral intake, Events leading up to accident and calling EMT.
Diagnostic signs BRPS blood pressure, respiration, reaction to pain, pulse, pupils or eyes, paralysis or loss of sensation, skin color, skin temperature, state of confusion
signs something you can get from your five senses
symptoms something you can only get if the victim tells you (assuming they're conscious).
Created by: jayembee123