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Agriculture & Rural


Agriculture The deliberate effort to modify a portion of Earth's surface through the cultivation of crops and the raising of livestock for sustenance or economic gain
Plant Domestication The adaptation of a plant through breeding in captivity to a life intimately associated with and advantageous to humans
First Agricultural Revolution The shift from hunting of animals and gathering of food to the keeping of animals and the growing of food on a regular basis
Hunters & Gatherers The killing of wild animals and fish as well as the gathering of fruits, nuts, and and other plants for sustenance
Animal Domestication The domestication of animals for selling and using as byproducts
Carl Sauer American geographer who studied cultural origins and diffusion, specifically cultural ecology and hearths of agriculture
Subsistence Farming Agriculture designed primarily to provide food for direct consumption by the farmer and the farmer's family
Commercial Farming Agriculture undertaken primarily to generate products for sale off the farm
Agrarian People or societies that are farmers therefore promote agricultural interest
Economic Activity Primary: Products closest to the ground Secondary: Manufacturing of a primary product into something else
Agribusiness Commercial agriculture characterized by the integration of different steps in the food-processing industry, usually through ownership by large corporations
Shifting Cultivation The moving of farm fields after several years in search of more productive soil after depleting the nutrients in the original field
Slash & Burn Farming Another name for shifting cultivation so named because fields are cleared by slashing the vegitation and burning the debris
Transhumance The seasonal migration of livestock between mountains and low land pastures
Pastoral Nomadism A form of subsistence agriculture based on the herding of domesticated animals
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