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Middle AgesMrs. Z

GI NYS Vocab

young person learning a trade from a master apprentice
a disease spread by fleas on rats, it occurred between 1347-1353, killed over 25 million Bubonic Plague
body of laws of a church canon law
money or wealth capital
Frankish emperor who united most of Europe and was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Roman Catholic Church Charlemagne
in the Middle Ages a written document that set out the rights and priveleges of a town charter
code of conduct for knights during the Middle Ages chivalry
system that is the same for all people, based on court decisions that have become accepted legal principles common law
holy war Crusades
title of the ruler of the Russian empire Czar
outbreak of a rapidly spreading disease epidemic
exclusion from the Roman Catholic Church as a penalty for refusing to obey Church laws excommunicate
in the Middle Ages, assoication of merchants or artisans who cooperated to protect their economic interests guild
Russian Czar known for his brutality and harsh rule. He died in 1584. Ivan the Terrible
Byzantine emperor from 527 to 565 who was noted for a code of laws and beautiful buildings Justinian
signed by King John of England it stated that people had certain rights and the king must obey the law Magna Carta
during the Middle Ages in Europe, a lord's estate, which included one or more villages and the surrounding land manor
referring to the Middle Ages in Europe or the period of history in between ancient and modern times Medieval
someone sent on a religious mission missionary
in the Byzantine empire, highest church official in a major city Patriarch
permanent division on the church schism
payment to a church equal to one tenth of a person's income tithe
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