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Chapter 6 reading

Terms words from chapter 6 reading

an/acu/sis total deafness
hemi/an/acus/ia lost of hearing in only one ear
aur/i/cle the projecting part of the ear
aur/is the ear
bucc/al/ly toward the cheek
super/cilia eyebrows
py/o/colp/os collection of pus within the vagina
hemat/o/colp/os a buildup of menstrual blood in the vagina
cord/ate heart-shaped
cord/i/al stimulating the heart
dendr/ite nerve fibers that extend from nerve cell
dendr/oid branching like a tree
palpebr/ate to wink
phleb/o/lith a bloodclot in a vein
phleb/o/phleb/ostomy surgical openings to provide communication between two veins
phon/o/gram record of any sound
phon/o/path/y any disease or disorder of the organs of speech
path/o/log/ic/ physi/ology the study of disordered function in diseased tissue
phys/iatr/ics the diagnosis and treatment of disease with the aid of general agents
phys/ic/ian practitioner of medicine
pil/osis excessive growth of hair
de/pil/ation the process of removing hair
hyper/plasia abnormal increase in growth
hypo/plasia incomplete or defective development
plex/i/form resembling a plexus or network
rug/osity condition of being wrinkled
fallopian tubes two tubes in the reproductive system of the female
eustachian tube tube in the ear that extends from the ear to the throat. Equalizes inner ear pressure with atomsphere
thalamus large gray mass in the brain
Created by: Tiffastic