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New Testament Exam 1

What is Cannon? "Measuring stick" Authoritative collection of books used as a standard or guide
How many individual documents are in the current protestant cannon? 27
What are the 5 different genres of the current cannon? Letters, histories,biographies,homilies, apocolyps,and narrative
What are the authors of the New Testament? Paul, John, and other anonymous authors
The NT was written in what main language? Greek- with some sporatic aramic
Approxomatly when was the NT written? 70 CE to 120 CE
What are some examples of other cannons besides what we have in our bible's today? (5) Apocrypha, Ethiopian Orthodox Bible, Syriac Bible, Septuagint, and Dead Scrolls
When did paul write his letters to the early church? before the gospels were written
What concepts does Paul focus on in his writtings? resurrection and exhaltation
What is Nag Hammadi? The gospel of Thomas, (paul sharing Jesus with Lions)
What is the Muratorian Cannon? The earliest list of books considered cannonical
What are some differences in the Muratorian Cannon? No Hebrews, James, 1 and 2 Peter, or 3 John; Additions: Apocolyps of Peter, Wisdom of Solomon
What is the Athanasian Cannon? all 27 books
Who is Eusebius? Father of Church History, provides one criteria used to estabilish/ determine canon
What is the Eusebian way of determining canon? 1. apostolic authorship/ affiliation 2. Wide and continual use 3. Theological consistency
What is Hellenism? advancing Greek way of life
Who was Herod the Great? an emporer who was half Jewish so he was not respected, a puppet king who kills of maccabeans (including his wife and children), expanded temple and built roads
What are the two types of Judiasm? Palestinian Judaism, Diaspora Judaism (outside palestine)
Who was Josephus? most important Jewish historian of 1st century
What is the 4th philosphy also known as? zealots
What are the reasons for the betrayal of Jesus by Judas? For silver, satan was inside Judas, satan went into him, not the messiah he signed up for, rejecting the idea of a dead messiah
What does the tearing of the veil represent? openness: house of Prayer for nations; Rejections/ Judgment of the temple
What are the implications of the short ending of Mark? Resurrection not described but reported by angel, silence or will you proclaim?
Who started the tradition of Matthew being the author of Matthew? Papias
How is the birth of Jesus associated with Moses? the edict to kill the children, both leaders of Israel, Jesus' flight to Egypt
Created by: Flidisha
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