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WW1 Vargo


British passenger ship sunk by a German submarine. Lusitania
A major Russian defeat by German forces in Poland Tannenberg
Serbian nationalist who assassinated the archduke and archduchess of Austria on June 28, 1914 Gavrilo Princip
Nickname between the trenches during WW1 "no man's-land"
French General who was commander of the Allied armies Ferdinand Foch
Location of the assassination of the archduke and archduchess of Austria Sarajevo
British King during WW1 George V
US President during WW1 Woodrow Wilson
Nickname for a German cannon "Big Bertha"
Popular American song during WW1 "Over There"
Nickname for ariel battles "Dogfights"
British representative at the peace treaty that ended WW1 David Lloyd George
Nickname for US infantryman during WW1 "Doughboy"
Site where the treaty was signed between Germany and Russia to end the war between them The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Gas filled airships used by the Germans Zeppelins
Russian revolutionary leader who took control of the government in 1917 Vladimir Lenin
British passenger ship that was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1917 Falaba
French palace where the leaders of the Allied Powers met in 1919 to sign the peace treaties Versailles
Italian representative at the peace treaty that ended WW1 Vlttorio Orlando
Commander in Chief of the German army during WW1 Eric von Ludendorff
Name given to the battle line between Russia and Germany during WW1 Eastern Front
Nickname for German submarines U Boats
Independent countries formed after WW1 Finland; Lithuania; Poland; Yugoslavia; Latvia; Czechoslovakia; Estonia
Commander of the French army WW1 Nickmame "papa" Jacques Joffre
Series of proposals drawn up by US President Wilson that outlined goals for world democracy 14 Points
Town in northern France and the site of the armistices between the Allies and Germany in 1918 Campiegne
Russian revolutionaries who took control of Russian in 1917 Bolsheviks
Site of the treaty between Germany and Russian in 1918 Brestlitovsk
Name given to G.B., France, and Russia Allied Powers
Emperor of Germany during WW1 Kaiser Wilhelm II
Archduke of Austria whose assassination on June 28th, 1914 led to the outbreak of WW1 Franz Ferdinand
US naval leader during WW1 and devised the convoy system to protect merchant ships William Simms
African American soldier who was awarded the Croix de Guerre from the French Government Needham Roberts
French passenger ship that was torpedoed by a German Submarine Sussex
River in northeastern France, scene of a decisive battle where the French army stopped the German Advance toward Paris Marne
Russian Ruler during WW1 Czar Nicholas II
Germany's foreign secretary who attempted to persuade Mexico to join the war on the German side to get back Mexico's lost land in Texas and Arizona Arthur Zimmerman
Name given to the battle lines between France and Germany Western Front
Name given to Germany and Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Ottoman Empire Central Powers
Town in northeastern France on the Meuse River Verdun
German Ace fighter pilot Manfred von Richtofen (The Red Baron)
US Ace fighter pilot Eddie Rickenbacker
Known as the "ballon buster" Frank Luke
Major Naval battle between G.B and Germany Battle of Jutland (1916)
American men over 18 must register for the draft Selective Service Act
This played a major role in bringing the US into WW1 German Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
The bloodiest battle in the world with 700,000 plus casualties Verdun
French General who said "They shall not pass" Nivelle
Battle with over 1,000,000 casualties Somme Offensive
American Expeditionary Force was lead by John J. Pershing
Nickname "Blackjack" John J. Pershing
French called American soldiers at the Battle of the Marne "Rock of the Marne
German soldiers were called Tommies
Major US battles during WW1 Chateau (1917) and Belleau Wood (1918) Argonne Forest (1918)
Leader of the US Forces at Belleau Wood Harry Truman "Cussing Captain"
Killed 36 Germans and captured 132 single handed Alvin York
Main reason Germany lost the WW1 Industry could not produce quick enough
Wilsons nickname "The Saint
Georges nickname "Welsh Wizard"
Clemenceau nickname "The Tiger"
The US did not join this organization after WW1 League of Nations
After WW1, a territory that was administered by a western power to add to their existing overseas empires. Britain & France gained German colonies in Africa and Ottoman lands in the Middle East. Mandate
The spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause. Propaganda
A demand whose fulfillment is requested in a specific period of time and which is backed up by a threat to be followed through in case of noncompliance. Ultimatum
To avoid a two front war he wanted to attach France and then attach Russia. Schlieffen Plan
US senate failed to ratified this point League of Nations
Germany had to pay 33 billion in war dept. Reparations
Headquarters for the League of Nations Geneva
Site of the World Court The Hague
8 sticks of dynamite Torpedo
Created many new countries after WW1 Self Determination
Created 60 new millionaires Freedom of the Seas
Willy Nicky letters 1914
No more secret agreements Open Covenants
Germany loses it empire territory in Africa and Pacific Islands
America must make the world safe for Democracy and Author of the 14 points Woodrow Wilson
Agreement to stop fighting in the city of Compiegne Nov. 11, 1919 Armistice
Main cause for Germany losing WW1 Industry could not produce quick enough
Weapon of choice for the Marines at Belleau Wood Brass Knuckle Knife
Britain lost 60,000 in one day during this battle Somme Offensive
Poison gases used during WW1 Chlorine, Phosgene and Mustard
Flammable weapon Phosphorus
A.E.F American Expeditionary Force
Kaiser complained to Wilson for the use of this weapon Sawed off Shotgun
Taxi Army of France Gallieni
Final Battle of WW1 Argon Forest
US Factories blowing up Black Tomb Explosions
President of Princeton Woodrow Wilson
Crossing over no man's land Wave Assault
Getting an army ready for war Mobilization
US Warplanes at the Battle of Chateau Thierry Dehaviland
Only Major Naval Battle of WW1 Jutland
Huge Battleships with steam turbines and large guns Dreadnoughts
One sided news used to discredit an enemy Propaganda
City bombarded in August 1914 to begin WWI Sarajevo
War debts for Germany Reparations
German Submarines U-boats
List of demands issued by Serbia in 1914 Ultimatum
Russia, France & Great Britain Triple Entente
Germany, Italy, & Austria-Hungary Triple Alliance
Secret Organization of Serbian Nationalist Black Hand
Headquarters for the World Court The Hague
Headquarters for the League of Nations Geneva
The power keg of Europe Balkans
International agreement which set the rules for warfare Geneva Convention
Final Battle of WWI Argonne Froest
US Marines defeated the Germans in a thick forest Belleau Wood
Head of the War Industries Board Bernard Baruch
Head of the Food Administration Herbert Hoover
German Kaiser who gave a "blank check" to Austrian emperor Wilhelm II
German how invented the Dirigible Ferdinand von Zeppelin
Led the French forces at Verdun Henri Putain
His taxi cab army saved France Joseph Gallieni
Mexican Bandit who the AEF pursued Poncho Villa
Leading German general in WWI Erich Ludendorff
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