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names of muscles-RW

leiomy/o smooth muscle
my/o muscle
rhabdomy/o rod-shaped
tend/o tendon
oblique oblique
transverse transverse direction
abdominis abdomen
buccinator refers to cheek
capitis head
colli neck
costalis ribs
externus toward superficial
glosso tongue
hyoid hyoid bone
ilio near illium
inter between
labii lip
latae broad; refers to side
lumborus lumbar region
medialis midline
nemius leg
nuchal back of neck
oculo near the eye
omo shoulder
pedis foot
plantaris plantar surface of foot
psoas loin region
soleus sole of foot
sterno sternum
temporalis near the temple
tibialis refers to tibia
biceps two heads
diaphragm partition
gracilis graceful/slender
gastroc belly
gemellus twin
obturator to stop up, obstruct
tendinosus long tendon
brevis small
latissimus widest
longissimus very long
longus long
magnus great/large
vastus vast, large
membranous refers to flattened
pectineus comb
piriformis pear shaped
quadratus square
rectus straight
sartorius tailor
splenius bandage
rotatores rotating movement
masseter chewer
levator to elevate
buccinators action of muscle when bugle blown
Created by: marlenasokana