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World War I

When did World War I begin? 1914
When did World War I end? 1918
Which alliance did the United States join in World War I? Allied Powers
What was the purpose of the League of Nations? to work out issues before they turned into another war
Explain how the Lusitania incident led to the United States becoming involved in World War I. In 1915, a German U-boat sank the Lusitania. Even though it was a British ship, 128 Americans were on board when it sank. Germany promised to warn ships before sinking them, but did not keep this promise.
What country sent the Zimmerman telegram? Germany
What did the Zimmerman telegram say? it asked Mexico to attack the United States in order to keep the U.S. busy and out of WWI. In return, Mexico would get back territory it had lost to the United States
How did the United States learn about the Zimmerman telegram? British spies intercepted it and informed the U.S.
Why did the United States refuse to fight on the same side as Russia in World War I? Russia had a totalitarian leader
Which alliance won World War I? Allied Powers
Which countries met to create the Treaty of Versailles? Great Britain, France, Italy, USA
Which countries were Allied Powers in World War I? Great Britain, Serbia, France, Russia, Italy, United States
Which countries were Central Powers in World War I? Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire
Why was Italy upset about the Treaty of Versailles? They did not receive as much land as they wanted
Whose idea was the League of Nations? President Woodrow Wilson
Why did the United States refuse to sign the Treaty of Versailles? They felt it was too harsh a punishment and would involve us in future wars
The assassination of this person started World War I Franz Ferdinand
Which country was forced to pay for damages caused by the war? Germany
What was the name of the British passenger ship that was sunk by a German u-boat? Lusitania
What are u-boats? submarines
What is militarism? The belief that a strong military is the highest importance and that war being glory to a country
What is an alliance? an agreement between two or more countries to help one another in case of war
Who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand? Gavrilo Princip
What is nationalism? The desire of a group of people with a common language, history, and culture for self-rule
What is imperialism? When a strong nation controls the government and/or economy of a weaker nation
What country dropped out of World War I because of their revolution? Russia
Where did the assassination that sparked WWI occur? Sarajevo, Bosnia
How did nationalism help to cause World War I? Serbia wanted control over Bosnia because the people there were culturally similar to Serbs.
How did imperialism help to cause World War I? Austria-Hungary and Serbia both wanted control over Bosnia
What was the name of the peace treaty that ended World War I? Treaty of Versailles
What were the main causes of World War I? militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
What is an armistice? an agreement to stop fighting
What type of warfare was used in World War I? trench warfare
Why is World War I considered the first modern war? It is the first war in which tanks, airplanes, machine guns, poison gas, etc. were widely used
What does neutral mean? a country that does not choose a side
Why would Germany be upset about having to take full responsibility for World War I? World War I began as a dispute between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Germany became involved because of their alliance with Austria-Hungary
Define front. The location where the fighting occurs
What are reparations? payments for war damages
What document contained Wilson's plan for lasting peace after World War I? Fourteen Points
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