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Or/o or oral pertaining to mouth
Ling/o tongue
Occlusal closing
Bucco/o or buccal cheek
Faci/o face
Mesial midline
Distal away from midline
Incisor and Canine teeth nearest the the lips
4 parts to the tooth enamel, dentin, pulp, and root
4 main stages of development of the tooth beginning in the fetal stage
Tooth is protected by enamel
Dentin is the main surface of the tooth
Cementum covers, protects and supports the detin root
Prospective payment system medicare's system for reimbursing Part A inpatient hospital costs
Capitation a common method of paying physicians in health maintenance organizations
Patient's primary diagnosis key piece of information in determining the DRG classification
Reimbursement payment to the insured, for a covered expense or loss experienced by or on behalf of the insured
Contractual write-off an agreement between the provider and the third-party whereby the provider agrees to accept the payer's allowed fee as a payment paid in full
Plaque fat containing substances in the lumen of the coronary arteries
Factors to coronary artery disease genetic predisposition, smoking, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol
Chewing an aspirin reduces the risk of additional damage to the heart and tissue by ischemia during a heart attack
LS CHF (left side congested heart failure) high elevated blood pressure causes increase work for the heart causing cerebral artery
Systole phase contraction phase of the heartbeat
Diastole (dilation) relaxation phase of the heartbeat
Lymph system anatomy composed by capillaries, vessels, and nodes
B cells produce antibodies
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